What to Frame for Valentine's Day

Need some creative inspiration that will make your celebration of love a huge success? We’re here to help. Forget the mundane chocolate and flowers and opt for a meaningful gift that is sure to spark the “feels.” Here’s five sure-fire future favs for your Valentine.

Frame Your Favorite Photo

There’s never a better time to make use of all those great photos you take as a couple but never frame or display — we’re all guilty of it. Framing your favorite photo can be the perfect gift, but don’t opt for a flimsy off-the-shelf picture frame; instead, choose a quality picture frame and mat board that perfectly complement your photo and will last far beyond your next milestone anniversary. Using a hand crafted, and personally designed frame will not only help preserve your photographs for years, it will show that you care about the small details and your memories together.

Give a Framed or Canvas Print of Your Pet

Those sweet or funny photos of your four-legged or feathered loved ones make great gifts. Besides, they are members of the family too — loved and cared for just like our own children, so why not surprise your special someone with a framed photo of your beloved pet? Profile 500, with its many options for natural hues, is a stylish way to feature Fido or spotlight Simba. Match the hue of the frame to one of the colors in the animal’s fur or feathers for a masterfully designed presentation, or top that with a large canvas print; alternatively, commission a portrait based off a favorite photo of your pet. Once you receive your canvas, you can display it beautifully inside a stunning canvas floater frame.

Frame a Love Letter

Love letters are a lost art, but few forms of communication are more romantic. For those that exchange them, especially those who have been in a long-distance relationship at one point in time, they can be a cherished and sentimental gift. If you have a collection of love letters (or if you don’t — there’s no better time to write one), pick your favorite and frame it.
Score even more creative points by using a love letter as the mat board, surrounding your favorite photograph. Purchase a complete frame package with a mat board cut to your specifications. Lay the letter or letters over the mat board and cut out the mat board opening in the center of the letter. Use a spray or liquid adhesive to attach the letter to the mat board, and then assemble the frame. If you’d rather not damage your letter, make a high-quality photocopy, rewrite the letter or simply write directly on the mat board.

Create a String Collage

One frame can display multiple photographs and can be a reusable and romantic home décor item. Purchase an empty frame, string, small clips and wooden or cardstock letters of your initials. Attach three lengths of string horizontally across the frame; on the uppermost string, clip your initials as well as an ampersand or plus sign. On the lower two strings, attach a few of your favorite snapshots. With this frame, you can swap out snapshots over time — it’s a personalized gift that can evolve with your relationship.

Get Puzzled

Give the gift of a good time plus a cherished keepsake with a personalized puzzle. Choose a favorite photo to have made into a jigsaw puzzle — there are tons of online shops that specialize in puzzle making — and spend some quality time putting all the pieces together. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, you can permanently glue it together, mount it to a board, and frame it to enjoy for years to come. The bright and modern colors of the Nielsen Profile 117V are a perfect complement to vivid photo puzzle hues and other decorative framing projects.

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