Picture Frame Samples: See the Moulding Before You Buy

Written by Mark Rogers

It is often difficult to shop online, especially if you’re depending on the color selection — and with picture frames, which must complement the artwork or photograph inside them, it can be even more difficult to tell if it’s the right fit.

Even with the right color calibration, you may not know exactly how black that black picture frame is, or what the cherry wood picture frame will look like in your home or office’s lighting. Many homes do not have the exactly the same light temperature as a typical studio strobe, which is the lighting often used to take photographs of picture frame mouldings. In addition, sometimes customers really need to see what a photograph or painting will look like next to the frame.

To make it easier to truly see and feel the metal and wood picture mouldings we offer at Frame Destination, we have created a series of straight and corner sample pieces. The straight pieces, measuring six inches long, are an inexpensive way to really observe the actual moulding’s color, texture and shape. Our corner samples, which are just slightly more expensive as they involve considerably more labor to create, can be invaluable in helping you or your prospective customer select the perfect picture frame.

We carry a wide variety of sample sets specifically made to cater to your needs: our metal picture frame sample sets can be purchased in groups of simple black and white or colored picture frames, including silver and chocolate. Our sample sets also include stretcher bar sample sets, floater frame samples and wood picture frame samples in various natural finishes and colors.

Just like our picture frames, you can customize your picture frame moulding sample sets — simply check off the frames you’d like to see in person, and you’ll receive only those mouldings in your picture frame sample set to help you make your decision.

View our wood and metal moulding samples.

picture frame moulding samples

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