How to Find the Right Panoramic Picture Frames

Written by Mark Rogers

If you have wide photographs of sweeping landscapes or large groups of people such as a class or team picture, panoramic picture frames are the ideal choice to show them off. Panoramic frames have an aspect ratio that is very wide but with a limited height, allowing you to frame these exceptional photos without cropping anything out.

panoramic framesBecause every panoramic image is unique, it is virtually impossible to find ready-to-use panoramic picture frames right off the shelf or out of the box. However, at Frame Destination, customers can find all the supplies they need to create their own custom panoramic picture frames—as well as full support from framing experts and educational resources about framing.

Frame Your Panoramic Photo

The first step to framing a panoramic image is, of course, to select the size. Many of our preset picture frame sizes are ideal for panoramic photos, ranging from 8” x 16” to 24” x 40”, but we are able to customize our picture frames to fit a panoramic photo of any size. Simply enter the size of the artwork and the panoramic picture frame size will be calculated automatically.

Panoramic photos, when framed, often feature mat boards in order to enhance the drama of the photo. Not only do they provide visual appeal, acid-free mat boards protect the photograph from damage by preventing it from coming into contact with the glazing. Temporary mat boards may actually be harmfully acidic, which will interact with the photographic chemicals and cause unsightly yellowing — and because panoramic photos aren’t as easily printed as standard sizes, it may be prudent to be proactive in preventing damage.

Underneath it all is the mount board, which is the base on which the panoramic photo will rest. It is important that the photo is able to move, and it is not permanently attached to the mountboard; otherwise, buckling may occur as the mountboard expands and contracts with the ambient temperature of the room. Photo corners or hinging tissue will keep your panoramic photo in place while allowing some subtle flexibility. There are a few techniques to mount photos, including the T-hinge and the V-hinge, so it’s important to learn how to mount photographs before getting started.

Ordering a Custom Panoramic Picture Frame

Frame Destination makes it easy for you to order the right panoramic picture frame. We recommend that you first visit our guide to ordering a custom picture frame, especially if you are new to the art of framing. If you have questions, you can call us at 972-479-1188 to speak to one of our framing experts, who will be happy to advise you and suggest resources that can be of help in your endeavor to perfectly frame your panoramic photo.

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