Nielsen Bainbridge – A Leader in Framing Supplies

Written by Mark Rogers

The Nielsen Bainbridge name is synonymous with high-quality frames and framing supplies. Nielsen Bainbridge products are used all over the world by professional photographers as well as museums and archives with a deep responsibility for displaying and preserving artwork and documents. Formed from the merger of two companies in 1984, parts of Nielsen Bainbridge’s history stretch back nearly 150 years, and the company brings decades of expertise to serving the custom framing market.

Nielsen Design

Nielsen Design has been developing and manufacturing aluminum picture frames for more than 30 years. An internationally recognized brand, Nielsen was founded in the United States prior to developing a larger production facility at Rheda-Wiedenbrück in Germany. Today Nielsen offers an unmatched selection of frame designs, including a large selection of colors and profiles as well as an exclusive anodized finish. The company is the only frame manufacturer with a facility completely dedicated to the production of metal frames, giving Nielsen a high degree of control and quality assurance at every step of the manufacturing process. Nielsen also offers high-quality, pre-made wooden frames and specialty glazing.


The history of Bainbridge goes back back to 1867 with Charles T. Bainbridge’s development of mat board. His patented “picture mat” was the first type of decorative mat board, bringing color and texture into the art of framing and, in many ways, leading to modern framing as we know it. In 1979, his company was the first to develop a colored archival-quality mat board, creating new options for the beautiful display of rare and important documents, photos, and artwork. After merging with Nielsen in 1984, the company developed the first mat board that actively protects framed pieces from airborne contaminants. This technology, called Artcare™, is now the preferred choice of mat board for many prestigious museums around the world and has a proven track record of preservation.

Modern Design and Advancements

Nielsen Bainbridge offers a full range of products for high-quality framing. Nielsen’s frame lines include both ready-made frames in standard sizes and custom frame materials that can be used to create frames of any size. With surprisingly affordable prices, homeowners can buy frames that match their personal style of décor and still receive the same level of quality appreciated by museums, professional photographers, and art galleries around the world. With a large number of metal frame profiles, colors, and finishes to choose from, the options for creating the perfect frame are practically unlimited.

Matching Nielsen frames in quality and technical advancements, Bainbridge’s mat board lines include something for every possible framing application. Bainbridge’s Artcare™ AlphaRag mat board is constructed from 100 percent cotton and is acid free. It is designed to protect art against airborne pollutants, preventing them from damaging framed documents and art. It is also engineered to protect framed pieces against yellowing and fading, even documents that are not printed on acid-free paper. This mat board is fully conservation and archival quality, trusted by museums that need to frame irreplaceable documents and art.

There are a number of options for mat board and foam board, including 2-ply, 4-ply, and 8-ply versions as well as a full rainbow of colors. Bainbridge’s Artcare™ AlphaRag mat board protects your important art and documents while also showcasing it in the best manner.

Trusted for decades by some of the most prestigious museums and galleries in the world, Nielsen Bainbridge’s framing products have stood the test of time, and the company is committed to developing new framing designs and technical advances to push the art and science of framing forward into the future.

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