How to Order a Custom Picture Frame

Written by Mark Rogers

A store-bought photo frame is a quick solution, but the only option you get to choose is the frame itself. Everything else in the package, such as the mat board and glazing, is selected for you, and they may not be exactly what you want. Ordering custom frames from Frame Destination, however, allows you to customize every part of the frame — and it’s just as easy as walking into a store.

Step 1: Choose the frame.

The first step of the ordering process is simple: selecting the frame itself. There are numerous wood and metal frame options available, many in a variety of colors, and there are multiple views of the frames to provide as much detail as possible.

Once you’ve selected the frame, you can choose to only order the frame itself or complete the package with mat board, backing board, and glazing, though you can always leave out individual items.

Step 2: Select the number of mats.

You next select the number of mat boards in the frame; single, double and triple mat options are available. You can also choose to exclude mat board from the package.

Step 3: Customize the size.

Many people struggle with the size of the frame, especially if there is mat board involved. In this step, the frame and the mat board are calculated automatically to ensure a perfect fit, though everything is still customizable. You can choose from dozens of popular preset sizes, which show both the size of the artwork and the size of the frame.

If you’d like create your own size, simply choose the size that is closest to the one you’d like and click the checkbox in front of “Customize this preset frame size”. You can then enter the size of the artwork and determine how much of image you would like to be covered by the mat board. Negative values leave a border around the artwork, which is useful when float mounting.

You can also further customize the mat board, selecting the width of the sides as well as the top and bottom. You can also make the bottom border larger, called bottom weighting; this will increase the size of the frame.

Step 4: Decide on your mat board.

Once you’ve selected the sizes, you can choose the actual materials of the package. The type of mat board depends upon aesthetics and concern for preservation. Paper mat board is best for temporary framing and comes in a wider range of colors, while cotton rag or alpha cellulose are suitable for long-term framing but are often limited to neutral colors such as cream, white and black. Some mat board is not available for frames larger than 32 x 40. Those that are offered for oversize frames are marked (OS).

Step 5: Select the glazing.

The choice of glazing is not limited to just plain glass or acrylic. The glass options include standard glass, but also premium-quality Artglass for antireflective or UV protection. Acrylic is also available in antireflective, UV-protective and non-glare options. We can only ship glass up to 24 x 28, so larger frames must use acrylic.

Step 6: Pick the backing.

Backing board, to which the artwork is mounted, is available in a number of options, such as museum-quality or self-adhesive. Some backing options are not available larger than 32 x 40 or 24 x 36.

Step 7: Select the points.

In a wood frame, the points are what keeps everything in place. When you order a custom wood frame from Frame Destination, we will place the points at the proper depth if you select “Fit Contents Ordered). If you are adding other components to a frame package, you must calculate and select the correct point depth yourself.

Step 8: Order the frame.

At the bottom of the Configure Frame page, you can view the unit price as well as a list of the quantity discounts. Once it’s in the cart — and before you proceed to checkout — you can still edit the frame package. Simply click “Edit Product” from the shopping cart.

Ordering the same frame or a very similar frame is easy, as the link at the top of the Configure Frame page after editing the product can be bookmarked — making future orders even easier. For an in-depth ordering guide, check out the video:

Last Updated July 20, 2020

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  • Shammy Peterson
    Shammy Peterson June 24, 2021 at 9:01 pm

    You got my attention when you said that there are numerous wood and metal frame options available, so you must select the frame itself. This would be a good tip for me since I would like to order custom picture frames. My plan is to display all our family portraits, and I want the frames to complement the overall appeal of the house. Thanks!


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