How to Pack Picture Frames for Transport

Written by Mark Rogers

Whenever you move a piece of artwork — whether it’s a custom-framed print or a gallery-wrapped canvas — you run the risk of damage. Frames are meant to hang on walls, not lie flat on a gallery floor or rattle around in the back of a moving car. And you didn’t put your heart and soul into your art just to have it broken on your way to a gallery or a show.

(Scroll to bottom for my video of how to order your GalleryPouch™.)

Frame Saver, Time Saver

To help make your art transport life a breeze, and to keep your masterpieces in tip-top shape, we developed a custom solution called GalleryPouch™. Crafted from double-laminated bubble wrap, these pouches are custom made to fit your exact dimensions — all the way up to 50”x156”. This heavyweight pouch cushions your work in 3/16” polyethylene bubbles that are nearly impossible to pop. Completely smooth, GalleryPouch slides easily on and off of anything you need to transport.

These protective pouches are reusable, giving you years of protection and keeping waste to a minimum. For a pouch that stays securely closed, you can order yours with Velcro®. Or, since your GalleryPouch is completely customizable, you can choose to skip the Velcro® altogether, opting for a fold-over flap instead. You may even opt to order the Velcro® separately so you can control exactly how much or how little to apply to your pouch.

GalleryPouch makes it easy to see exactly what you’re transporting. The pouches are transparent and come with labels you can personalize to make storage and organization super easy.

The Many Benefits of GalleryPouch™

Artful Praises

Some of our customers have been gracious enough to share what they love about GalleryPouch™. Let’s see what they have to say ...

"I have about 20 of these in all different sizes. They are amazing!"

– Betsy Silverman, Boston Artist @betsysilvermancollage

"These pouches are a lifesaver."

– Garima Parakh, New England Artist @garimaparakhart

"I am a huge fan of the GalleryPouch. Have been buying them for years. Great investment to easily protect your artwork."

– Carol Parker, Photographer

"I use them all the time — they are fantastic."

– Jan McKay, Wildlife Artist

“The time it takes to wrap frames for transport is often overwhelming. These wonderful protectors are true time savers and so easy to use.”

– Linda L., Verified Customer

“Great idea! I'm using them for my stained glass panels and it's so much easier for my client to carry the panel away from the art festival.”

– Iva K., Verified Customer

"I have two sets of pouches that have preserved the images and expensive framing with linen liners that border most of my work. A ding in a frame can be a dealbreaker for the frame or sale, I understand. So the gallery pouches are a wonderful solution to problem of having to wrap and rewrap my oil paintings. Cheers for the solution, even though you probably created them for photographers. They work perfectly for me."

– Marlene C., Verified Customer

Ordering the Perfect Size

Ordering your GalleryPouch™ is simple. Just measure your artwork — height, width, and depth — and go to our website to customize your order. Click on Pricing and Ordering to get started. When you enter the dimensions of your artwork, start with the side where you’d like the opening to be. Select whether you want Velcro® on your pouch, or order it separately. Once we receive your order, we’ll make your GalleryPouch™ to your exact specifications.

Watch my video to see GalleryPouch™ up close and in action. I’ll also show you exactly how to order and get the right size for your art.

Art transport doesn’t have to feel like you’re rolling the dice with the safety and integrity of your work. GalleryPouch™ lets you breathe easier, knowing your art is wrapped inside the best protection on the market.
Happy trails as you take your art out into the world!

Last Updated October 17, 2023