GalleryPouch™ Introduction with Photographer Andrew Darlow

Watch a quick 4-minute overview of the GalleryPouch™ Gold premium bubble bag.
Protect your artwork from bumps and scratches during delivery or transport with GalleryPouch™ bubble wrap bags. The GalleryPouch™ was created specifically for photographers and artists to meet their unique needs of transporting art safely and efficiently. Using high-quality and heavy-duty bubble wrap with double lamination around sealed 3/16-inch air bubbles and a smooth surface, these bubble bags are strong and difficult to pop. Frames, collectibles, prints and rolled canvas are just a few of the items that can be easily stored and transported in our bubble wrap bags—even iPads and other electronic devices benefit from this unique bubble pouch. The GalleryPouch™ is available in custom sizes and can be ordered with a flap, or get the Velcro® closure option for supreme security.

Perfect Protection for Your Artwork

Protect against nicks, dings and scratches with a GalleryPouch™. It’s a pillow of protection for your framed artwork. Made of smooth, sealed pockets of air in 3/16-inch thick durable polyethylene, our bubble wrap pouch was created to help you guard artwork against damage during transport or storage. Each bubble wrap sleeve is sealed on three sides, and its opening is available with either a flap or resealable Velcro® brand closure. We can create custom sizes for even the largest (or smallest) artwork specially for you.

The GalleryPouch™ is smooth inside and out, allowing you to slide wood or metal frames and floater frames in and out of the bubble wrap sleeve easily when transporting them to gallery showings or to a client’s home; homeowners can use them to transport or store artwork when moving. As GalleryPouch™ bubble bags are completely reusable, you can repurpose them as a protective covering for everything: moving small home goods and knickknacks or traveling with electronic devices such as iPads, eReaders, other tablets and smartphones. Smaller bubble wrap pouches can be used for those small, easily lost items like collectibles, holiday ornaments, jewelry, and much more.
I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your product. I show many 32"x42" framed work at shows, and the pouches are perfect protection. Also the show others that I have a high level of professionalism. You obviously do too. I have driven my framed work in your pouches all the way to Colorado and back, with no damage. The attached photograph (above) is of 20-32"x42" framed work, ready to go out to my next show."
- Mark Gottlieb Read more

The GalleryPouch™ History

Photographer Andrew Darlow had a problem: he didn’t have a way to safely protect artwork in transport without relying on tape and sheets of bubble wrap. To solve this, he tasked Mark Rogers of Frame Destination with the construction of a superior product that could protect artwork during transportation to gallery shows or temporary storage. The result is the GalleryPouch™ premium bubble bag.