UV/Non-Glare Acrylic 1/10 inch

UV/Non-Glare Acrylic 1/10 inch

UV filtered and non glare for perfect appearance.

Combine UV protection with non-glare elements to keep your artwork safe and easy to see. The UV filtering is incorporated within the acrylic, maintaining its protective ability over time. This lightweight option is less prone to breaking than frame glass and is more optically pure for better visibility. Note: UV filters will cause a slight warming effect of the image (like yellow tint). It will be especially noticeable on papers with optical brighteners.


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High quality conservation grade Acrylite® brand framing acrylic with 98% UV and Non-Glare matte surface. (Note: Matted surface may result in slight loss of sharpness) More optically pure and lighter weight than glass. Picture frames with UV filtration help protect artwork from fading, yellowing and brittling. Surface is etched to reduce the glare allowing the artwork more visibility in difficult lighting conditions. The loss of sharpness is more evident the farther the acrylic is mounted from the art, so the sharpness is better when using 4-ply mat board than with 8-ply matboard, although the difference is very slight. The etching may also slightly limit the viewing angle in panoramic applications.

Impact resistant making it easy to work with and safe for use in children’s rooms, sports areas, and with irreplaceable artwork. The UV filtration is built into the acrylic so it will not wear off over time. We recommend Craftics microfiber cloth for safe cleaning without scratching.

Note: Our acrylic saw generally makes a very clean cut, however the edges are considered unfinished.

*****WARNING ***** The acrylic glazing is sensitive to scratching. DO NOT USE window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds or solvents such as acetone, gasoline or lacquer thinner to clean it. Dry or gritty cloths may cause surface scratches. Soft, damp and lint free cleaning cloths such as a smooth microfiber cloth should be used with light pressure and clean water. Dry or dust with soft damp cloth or chamois.

Note: Some people refer to all acrylic frame glazing as Plexiglas®. Plexiglas® is similar, but nothing beats the Acrylite brand for picture framing!