UV Filter Acrylic 1/10 inch

UV Filter Acrylic 1/10 inch

Optically pure UV-filtered picture framing option.
This conservation grade framing acrylic has no colored tint and will protect your artwork from 98% of harmful UV rays. A more optically pure and lighter weight option than traditional framing glass, UV protected acrylic will make your art easy to see for years to come.

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UV-Filter Acrylic - High quality conservation grade Acrylite® brand framing acrylic with 98% UV. More optically pure (no green tint) and lighter weight than glass. UV filter glazing (glass or acrylic) does cause a slight warming effect due to the minor yellow tint inherent in the filter. Picture frames with UV filtration help protect artwork from fading, yellowing and brittling. Impact resistant making it easy to work with and safe for use in children’s rooms, sports areas, and with irreplaceable artwork. The UV filtration is built into the acrylic so it will not wear off over time. We recommend Craftics microfiber cloth for safe cleaning without scratching.

Note: Our acrylic saw generally makes a very clean cut, however the edges are considered unfinished.

*****WARNING ***** The acrylic glazing is sensitive to scratching. DO NOT USE window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds or solvents such as acetone, gasoline or lacquer thinner to clean it. Dry or gritty cloths may cause surface scratches. Soft, damp and lint free cleaning cloths such as a smooth microfiber cloth should be used with light pressure and clean water. Dry or dust with soft damp cloth or chamois.

Note: Some people refer to all acrylic frame glazing as Plexiglas®. Plexiglas® is similar, but nothing beats the Acrylite brand for picture framing!

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My application of this product may be considered non-typical, at least in the context of framing supplies: as a book collector, I needed to replace the glass panels in the doors of a used bookcase I acquired with conservation-grade, u.v. blocking material. As a bonus, the acrylic is much lighter and eliminates the risk of shattered glass during the delicate replacement process and over long term use of the furniture.
- Review by jellymoon on 2/4/2017

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