UV-Filter ArtGlass 99™

UV-Filter ArtGlass 99™

Max protection from UV light

  • 99% UV Block

  • ~8% Reflection

  • 89% Visible Light Transmission

  • Meets ISO18902 Conservation Standard

UV coating on one side only. Side with the static cling sticker that says "Special Coating. This side faces out." goes AWAY from the artwork. Please note the glass also has a small manufacturing stamp near its edge. Most picture frames will cover the stamp. If you are doing a frame-less application the stamp can be removed using a cleaning product called Goof Off.

Need to customize your glass/acrylic size?

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Artglass Preservation Clear™ by GroGlass

The durable UV coating on this high-quality preservation glass protects photographs and art from 99% of harmful UV rays. Provides crisp image resolution. Order custom-sized UV-Filter ArtGlass to properly protect your artwork. Note: UV filters will cause a slight warming effect of the image (like yellow tint). It will be especially noticeable on papers with optical brighteners.

  • 99% UV protection
  • Crisp image resolution
  • Smooth, easy to clean surface
  • Side with the UV coating faces the artwork

This specially coated glass preserves your treasured keepsakes, originals and highly valued items at their best without the additional cost of an anti-reflective coating. It blocks 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV rays to help protect the art from fading and discoloration, yellowing and bleaching over time. Artglass Preservation Clear™ is neutral in color from all angles and has virtually the same appearance as regular glass. It is the ideal choice for good protection at minimum costs.

Artglass™ Cleaning Instructions


  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Light transmission: ~89%
  • Reflection: ~8%
  • UV protection: 99%

Similar to Tru Vue® Conservation Clear Glass®. Preservation Clear UV 99™ provides 99% UV protection. The glass must be handled carefully. Side with sticker that says "Special Coating. This side faces out." goes AWAY from the artwork. Note that the coating does not make the glass shatterproof.