UV-Filter Glass-ArtGlass

UV-Filter Glass-ArtGlass

Scratch resistant and UV filtered for protection.
The scratch-resistant UV coating on this high-quality preservation glass protects photographs and art from 90% of harmful UV rays. It's easy to use and an affordable alternative to anti-reflective glass. Order custom-sized UV-Filter ArtGlass to properly protect your artwork.

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Artglass Preservation Clear™ by GroGlass

  • Optimal UV protection above 90%
  • Scratch resistance
  • Smooth, easy to clean surface
  • Either side can be placed against artwork

This specially coated glass preserves your treasured keepsakes, originals and highly valued items at their best without the additional cost of an anti-reflective coating. It blocks more than 90% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV rays to help protect the art from fading and discoloration, yellowing and bleaching over time. Artglass Preservation Clear™ has virtually the same appearance as regular glass. It is the ideal choice for good protection at minimum costs. Unlike competitive products, it has a very hard coating and is scratch resistant. No special cleaners are required. Handling is also much easier as it can be cut and glazed on either side, giving framers the ultimate in ease of handling and framing.

Artglass™ Cleaning Instructions


  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Light transmission: ~92%
  • Reflection: 8%
  • UV protection: > 90%

Similar to Tru Vue® Conservation Clear Glass®. Conservation Clear® provides 99% UV protection vs. >90% UV protection, however it has less clarity and the side with UV coating has to be handled carefully and placed against the artwork in the frame. Note that the coating does not make the glass shatterproof.

Customer Reviews

The glass is great! Protects from the UV rays and hasn't scratched yet. I would definitely recommend to anyone.
- Review by N/A on 1/1/2017

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