Standard Acrylic 1/10 inch

Standard Acrylic 1/10 inch

High quality framing glass alternative.
This high-quality framing acrylic is an excellent alternative to picture frame glass. The lightweight material is more optically pure than framing glass and is naturally shatter resistant, making it a better option for both art visibility and framing safety. We can cut custom sizes up to 40" x 60".


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High quality framing grade Acrylite® brand acrylic. More optically pure and lighter weight than glass. Impact resistant making it easy to work with and safe for use in children’s rooms, sports areas, and with irreplaceable artwork. We recommend Craftics microfiber cloth for safe cleaning without scratching and Brillianize to safely clean.

Note: Our acrylic saw generally makes a very clean cut, however the edges are considered unfinished.

*****WARNING ***** The acrylic glazing is sensitive to scratching. DO NOT USE window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds or solvents such as acetone, gasoline or lacquer thinner to clean it. Dry or gritty cloths may cause surface scratches. Soft, damp and lint free cleaning cloths such as a smooth microfiber cloth should be used with light pressure and clean water. Dry or dust with soft damp cloth or chamois.

Note: Some people refer to all acrylic frame glazing as Plexiglas®. Plexiglas® is similar, but nothing beats the Acrylite brand for picture framing!

Customer Reviews

This was my first time ordering from Frame Destination, They were recommended by Robert Rodriguez Jr. a GURU Landscape photographer out of New York that I follow. Frame Destination Customer Service was excellent as they helped me over the phone with my order. It arrived on time and perfect. Kudo's and Props to them.
- Review by Flynn on 11/2/2017
I began using acrylic for glazing on all photo prints about1and 1/2 years years ago. Used primarily in exhibitions and juried shows. I now prefer it because it does not scratch as easily as older generation plastics. It is also lighter and virtually crystal clear, making it ideal for matted prints. However, you must tell galleries and those cleaning outer glazing that it is acrylic and to use only water and microfiber cloths.
- Review by Steve44 on 11/1/2017

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