Anti-Reflective Water White-ArtGlass AR70™

Anti-Reflective Water White-ArtGlass AR70™

Anti-reflective and no tint virtually invisible glass

  • ~70% UV Block

  • <1% Reflection

  • 99% Visible Light Transmission

Get a true view of your art with ArtGlass' Water White Anti-Reflective low-iron framing glass. This great product means you don't have to compromise on color clarity or image visibility. Scratch resistant and 2mm thick, your art will be clearly visible.

The look of TruVue Museum glass without the cost.

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Artglass WW™ Anti-Reflection by GroGlass

  • Water White - No green tint or optical distortions
  • Anti-reflective coating, reduces reflections
  • Reveals true colors and texture of the art
  • Smooth surface that allows for details to emerge unaltered
  • Either side can be placed against artwork
  • Artglass AR coating is scratch resistant and easy to clean

Artglass WW™ is perfect for art picture framing because it is practically invisible. It is created for art and strikes the perfect balance between color clarity and protection. Don't compromise on clarity if you want to see the true colors and details of your cherished art and the framing elements you have carefully selected.

Artglass™ Cleaning Instructions


  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Light transmission: >~99%
  • Reflection: <1%
  • UV protection: ~70%

Artglass™ coating is manufactured using an advanced magnetron vacuum sputtering process to deposit a molecular film less than a micron thick. Originally developed for aerospace applications, this environmentally-friendly, highly technical process guarantees unparalleled cleanability, uniformity, durability and quality of the product. Note that the coating does not make the glass shatterproof.

Similar to Tru Vue® Museum Glass®. Museum Glass® clear provides 99% UV protection vs. 70%. However, it has less clarity and the side with the UV AR coating has to be handled carefully and placed against the artwork in the frame. Museum Glass® will have a very minor warming effect due to the UV filter. Both types of glass have very little light reflection.

This infographic explains how light affects artwork and shows how ArtGlass helps you see your pictures more clearly.