Mounting and Laminating Handbook by Chris Paschke

A complete guide to several types of print mounting.
The Mounting and Laminating Handbook by Chris Paschke is the definitive guide for mounting and framing pictures, prints, documents and more for display. This guide covers several mounting and framing techniques, such as Archival Hinge Mounting, Inkjet Print Mounting, Pressure sensitive Mounting and more.

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"The Mounting and Laminating Handbook" Third Edition by Chris Paschke, CPF GCF

This newly revised 2008 edition remains the most comprehensive and technical handbook available, now covering even more of what the professional framer needs in a mounting manual.

This is the definitive guide book for mounting pictures for display and picture framing covering such topics as:

  • Archival Hinge Mounting
  • Inkjet Print Mounting
  • Dry Mounting
  • Pressure-Sensitive Mounting
  • Spray Mounting
  • Cold Mounting
  • Laminating

The author, Chris A. Paschke, CPF GCF, became the framing industry mounting expert when there were no mounting books and framers needed a technical resource. When digitals required someone to step-up and learn how to handle them in the 21st century frame shop, the industry turned to her. Chris has been Technical Mounting Editor for Picture Framing Magazine writing her monthly column "Mastering Mounting" since 1991. Her website contains a complete library of her articles since 1990. Chris continues to be an active industry educator and PPFA member, having become a Certified Picture Framer in 1986, a Guild Commended Framer in 1997, and is regularly found sharing her mounting knowledge at industry events.

Chris A. Paschke's website: