Self-Adhesive Frame Sealing Tape

Archival quality frame sealing tape for raw wood.
Lineco's archival quality Self-Adhesive Frame Sealing Tape combines acid-free adhesive with a protective aluminum barrier. This tape is pressure sensitive and strong enough to be used on raw wood. It's ideal for raw wooden picture and art frames, fillets, rabbets and frame backs. (This product should not be used directly on art.)


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Lineco Self-Adhesive Frame Sealing Tape. Used to seal raw wood fillets, rabbets, frame backs, and frame packages. Acid-free, pressure sensitive adhesive that is strong enough to adhere to raw wood. Gray paper is acid-free, lignin free and buffered to pH 8.5 with 3% calcium carbonate. An aluminum barrier layer prevents bleed-through of harmful elements. Do not apply to artwork!

Main Applications: Seal raw wood to keep the acids from migrating and seal rabbets, fillets and frame backs.

Directions for Use:

  • Lightly cut tape
  • Crack and peel tape from release paper to expose adhesive
  • Apply to raw wood
  • Trim excess with a sharp knife

TIP: For high-volume jobs and extra cost savings purchase our bulk roll 500 ft Picture Frame Sealing Tape.