1/2" - 2" Frame Corner Protectors - 12-Pack

Sku: CP-1
Heavy-duty art transportation and storage accessory.
These adjustable frame corner protectors are made of heavy duty corrugated cardboard. They're easy to adjust to the perfect size and fit frames from 1/2 in. up to 2 in. These frame accessories are vital for safe art transportation and storage, and can be reused.

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12-pack of 3-Way Adjustable picture frame corner protectors made out of white cardboard. Fits picture frames between 1/2 and 2 inches deep. One (1) 12-pack of cardboard corners will protect three (3) picture frames.

These picture frame corner protectors are easily assembled in just seconds and can be removed and reused. They include a tab that allows them to lock on the moulding so they do not fall off when the picture frame is being transported. Quantity discounts available for volume purchases.

Are you a photographer with an upcoming traveling exhibition? Are you a professional framer who ships finished products to clients? If so, then picture frame corner protectors are one product that you absolutely cannot be without.

Even the highest quality picture frames can be damaged when being shipped or transported from one location to another. In fact, the most vulnerable part of the picture frame is the corner, which is why you need picture frame corner protectors when you are moving any framed work of art. They are one of the picture framing supplies that is not often considered until they are needed.

Picture frame corner protectors from Frame Destination are made from sturdy white cardboard. They are easily assembled, and fit picture frames up to 2" thick. A special tab on these picture frame protective corners allow you to lock them securely in place, and yet they can easily be removed and reused again and again.

Best of all, cardboard picture frame corner protectors are extremely economical to use! Spend a little time on our site today and take a look at all the great deals on picture framing supplies that are available.

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