30" x 40" Acid-Free Tissue - 12-Pack

Sku: 741-3041
Protective tissue for safe photo and art storage.
Acid-free, archival tissue sheets to layer between art or documents for protection during storage. These sheets guard against dust and other debris to provide your photos, prints and art museum-level protection. Archivalware by Lineco 741-3041

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Archivalware® Acid Free Tissue measuring 30" x 40" (76.20 x 101.60 cm) per sheet. Quantity 12 sheets per package, unbuffered. Protect your valuables the way museums do. Use acid-free tissue to wrap items or layer them between artwork, photographs, or documents for protection during storage. Folds easily and guards against dust and abrasion. Manufactured by Lineco.

Item Number: 741-3041
This item arrives folded by the manufacturer so may have light creases.

Facts about Paper and Paper Storage:

Photographers who print their images on paper, as well as artists who use paper to produce their artwork, should be very concerned about the quality of the paper they use. Acid-free and lignin-free papers are the preferred choice of museum professionals.

Lignin is a compound found within all vascular plants; it gives us what we call ?fiber? in our food, and unless removed from the wood pulp, will reside in the finished paper causing it to yellow and disintegrate over time. Wood-based paper contains acids, which can cause it to deteriorate rapidly, damaging the artwork utilizing it in the process.

In addition to the acids found in wood-based paper, photographs, prints, documents and other types of artwork can also be damaged by environmental acids that occur as a by-product of pollution.

Choose acid-free and lignin-free paper for creating AND storing your artwork. At Frame Destination we sell Archivalware® Acid Free Tissue for storing your valuable artwork, photographs, and documents. This quality tissue provides a great solution to the problem of acid build-up in paper, and shields items from abrasion and dust, both of which can be damaging to your fine art.

You can find Archivalware® Acid Free Tissue paper at www.framedestination.com, your online source for simple, elegant picture frames.