Advocacy for Artists: Giving Back in 2021

Written by Mark Rogers

When I started Frame Destination in my garage back in 2004, it wasn’t purely a business decision. Rather, my frustration as an amateur photographer is what inspired me. I wanted to build a brand that offered something I couldn’t find anywhere else: archival-quality frames hand-crafted for my artwork in digital sizes.

Artists Frame the Way We Do Business

For the last 17 years, Frame Destination has remained rooted in that early desire to give   artists what they need to do their best work. Together with my wife and business partner, Joely Rogers, we’ve expanded our community beyond professional artists and photographers to homemakers, retired hobbyists, gallery owners, students, teachers, clubs, societies — all members of the art industry.

Refining our Purpose for 2021

To gain even more clarity about why we exist as a company, we’ve distilled our brand purpose to six words: To inspire, honor, and showcase creativity. Let me break that down:

Inspiring ideas through professional art resources, industry insights, and DIY guides.

Honoring artistic efforts through art scholarships, art and photo club membership discounts, and tailored tools like our GalleryPouch™ art transport bags.

Showcasing creativity via artist spotlights and quality hand-made framing products that beautifully present works of art to the world.

This three-pronged brand purpose allows for our brand promise of advocacy for artists to flow in many directions.

What Do We Mean by Advocacy?

Joely and I define advocacy as to encourage support. Such a broad stroke allows us to be creative in how we advocate for artists. Is it philanthropy? Is it promoting artists’ work? Is it sharing opportunities for growth? Is it offering innovative products to expand an artist's palette of tools?

The answer is all of the above! This year, get ready for multiple expressions of our purpose and our advocacy promise — all benefiting you as an artist.

Art Scholarships. Calling all students who share our passion for art and photography: We’re offering a $500 Frame Destination Scholarship to four deserving candidates each year — two per semester. Applications are open to both undergrad and graduate students attending any accredited university within the United States.

Event Sponsorships. We’re planning more than 25 opportunities for art clubs to gain sponsorships and event giveaways ranging from $75 to $1000 per event. Whether art shows and other events continue to be online or go back to in-person, Frame Destination is committed to supporting art financially, wherever we can.

Artist Spotlights. Frame Destination has received great feedback on our Artie’s Eight Q&A interviews with artists and photographers around the country. Not only will we spotlight 12 new artists in 2021, but we’re bringing fresh ways for Artie’s Eight Alumni to present their art to potential buyers and fans through our Artie Inspires initiative. (If you’d like to be considered for an Artie’s Eight feature, click here.)

Giveaways & Discounts. Through our “AR-TEE” initiative, we’re donating 60 T-shirts to art and photo societies. We encourage you to reach out to us by clicking here to claim some of these fun T-shirts on behalf of your group. (See the three versions we have of these shirts here.) You can also sign up for our Exclusive 10% Discount for university students and faculty, as well as photo and art club members. The discount is automatically applies, with no code to remember or minimum purchase requirements.

Pro Resources, Workbooks, Trends, & Tips. As an avid continuing learner, Joely is very excited to head up this initiative, and she plans to cover all kinds of topics — from taking your art hobby into the professional world to inventorying your artwork. If you’re interested in these extra Pro resources and getting special pro discounts, be sure to update your answer to the email preferences question  “What are you GENERALLY using your frames for?” to let us know you sell your art or photos. You can do this by clicking on “Manage Preferences” at the bottom on any Frame Destination email newsletter.

New Facility. Last November, Frame Destination moved into a bigger and more efficient facility. How is this news good for you? Our larger space allows us to serve even more customers and expand our offering of hand-crafted custom frames and accessories. In other words, feel free to tell a friend because we can handle the load!

Suped Up Website. This year we will launch our new and much-more-robust website and ordering systems. This means you can find, build, or order the perfect frame and accessories even faster and easier than before. As the family CEO, a budding creative, or a seasoned professional, your time is limited. By investing in our infrastructure, we’re able to help you make the most of your valuable time.

Expanded Product Lines. If variety is the spice of an artist’s life, this will be great news to you. Not only are we expanding our line of custom wood and metal frame profiles, we’re also adding all new categories and styles, including Plein Air options, metallic finish options (rose gold, bronze, lead, champagne and charcoal), mixed natural wood options, and shapes beyond our usual flat linear lineup. And, even though we already have one of the largest selections of mat colors online (200+), this year we’ll be offering even more new colors, including official color match options to the WGSN 2021 Color of the Year — A.I. Aqua.

There you have it! As 2021 continues to unfold, we’re right here with you, ready to support, encourage, and advocate. If you have other ideas for how we can enrich your life as an artist, feel free to let us know.

Last Updated February 1, 2021

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2 thoughts on “Advocacy for Artists: Giving Back in 2021”

  • Dennis

    I am very pleased with your service. I have been using your line of products for years, keep up the good work you all do!

  • Robin Macke

    Love to hear your commitment! May I suggest that you include in your scholarships Art Renewal Accredited atelier programs, such as the Texas Academy of Figurative Art? I spent four intensive years training there, five days a week 9-4, and found it to be far more challenging (and exciting) than the Ph.D. I earned in my former field of study!

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