New Frames for Plein Air Painters

Written by Joely Rogers

Plein air painters know the importance of dressing properly in preparation for Mother Nature’s fickle shifts in weather. Equally important is adorning your painting, once it’s complete, with the proper picture frame. With that in mind, Frame Destination has added a beautiful array of new frames perfect for plein air canvases.

Anatomy of Plein Air Picture Frames

As the co-owner of Frame Destination and a plein air painter myself, I had a genuine interest in helping select our six new frames. The three criteria I used were:

• Larger rabbet depths (at least half an inch) to accommodate canvases.
• Wider faces to give plein air painting an undeniable presence.
• Gold and other metallic tones that evoke plein air’s mid-19th century roots.

Six New Beauties

Frame Destination uses profile numbers to organize our frames. But really, numbers just won’t cut it when it comes to sharing the artistry of our latest plein air frames. So let’s take a peek at each one, and quickly mention why we love it.

Wood Frame Profile 767

The soft slope of this contemporary frame lures the viewer’s eye straight into your painting, while a high-gloss Gold, Silver, or Black finish is softened with visible brush strokes. It’s like saying “wow” in a whisper.

Wood Frame Profile 723

Dazzling detail, anyone? Slanting unexpectedly outward, this frame features a semi-gloss Black surface. The Antique Silver finish adds an elegant flair to the inner and outer edges.

Wood Frame Profile 741

An extra touch is extra special. The simple, contemporary lines of this frame mix wonderfully with antique finishes like Pewter, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The thin black lip overlapping your art adds a subtle glamour.

Wood Frame Profile 742

If you can’t get enough of the modern farmhouse look, this frame is for you. A tiered edge adds a soft curve inward toward your painting, with a lightly distressed finish in French Vanilla, French Grey, or Antique Black.

Wood Frame Profile 754

The gentle convex arc of this wide-faced frame lends dimensional interest, while the rich finishes in Smoke, Silver, Gold, or Bronze are lightly distressed to temper the glitz just a bit.

Wood Frame Profile 788

Drama-rama! Here’s another reverse-sloped frame, but with more contemporary lines than Profile 723. Organic scratch-work adds realism to the Charcoal or Bronze finish without taking away from the striking beauty.

Well, there you have it: Our latest collection of plein air picture frames. Let us know how else Frame Destination can help stoke the fires of your plein air obsession.

Last Updated August 25, 2021

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