How to Frame a Newspaper Article

Written by Jason

In an age where we get most of our news online, it can be nice to save a newspaper article or two for posterity. Even better, though, is framing them and hanging them in your home! After all, what better way to remind yourself of the times you experienced than by hanging a newspaper clipping from that momentous day on your wall?

All you need are some basic finishing tools, a few simple supplies, and some craftsmanship skills. So, let's get started!

7 Simple Steps to Frame Newspaper Article

Listed below are seven simple steps that will help you easily frame your newspaper articles like a pro.

1. Cut The Piece

You don't want to hang the whole newspaper. You want that one article that perfectly encapsulates the moment. After you've found it, use a sharp box cutter or X-acto blade to cut out the piece neatly along its borders. If your article is two pages long, be sure to secure both pieces together, so they don't get lost!

2. Frame The Article

Now that you have your cutout, it's time to find a frame. You can either buy one specifically designed for newspapers (these usually come with matting as well), or you can repurpose an old picture frame by removing the glass and backing. Make sure whatever frame you choose is large enough to accommodate your newspaper clipping—you don't want it too snug!

3. Mat The Clipping

This step is optional but highly recommended. Cut a bit of acid-free paper to fit the inner edges of your frame and place it on top of the glass. This will separate the newspaper from the glass, preventing any chemical reaction between them that could damage or discolor your clipping over time.

4. Place The Clipping

Now, set your article in place and secure it with tape. You can also use a small piece of cardboard or foam board behind it for added support. If you're using matting, place this around the outside edges. This should leave a border around your clipping that's about ¼-inch wide.

5. Frame

Now that you've assembled your article, place the backing and hanging hardware on the back of the frame and attach it using screws (or clip it into place if you're using a readymade frame). You can browse Etsy to find rare and vintage frames if you're looking for a very specific style or go with the classic sleek look and choose from the Frame Destination line of metal frames. Just make sure that the measurement of your frame's opening is big enough to accommodate your clipping.

6. Personalize

You may want to add a title label or date stamp on the bottom of your display. If you're using a readymade frame, there will likely be an area for this already.

7. Hang Your Newspaper Clipping

Find a good spot to hang your display! You can be creative with this—hang it near windows, doors, or hallways where people will pass by; display them on shelves or tables for conversation starters; or make an entire collection in your living room. And there you have it! A simple way to preserve newspaper clippings from our past.


Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas on how to incorporate newspaper clippings into your own life.