DIY Holiday Shadow Boxes using our Nielsen Profile 100 Picture Frame

Cooler weather brings out the crafty girl in me! Recently, I decided to try my hand at making a Holiday Shadow Box using our new Nielsen Profile 100 Shadow Box frame. Our shadow box frame has a 1 11/16” deep rabbet, making it perfect for this fun project.

Today’s example uses Halloween-themed items – pumpkin paper, spooky stickers, and candy corn. You can adapt this to any holiday or event by just switching out the paper, stickers, and craft items. I picked 5x7 for the size because you can quickly make a lot of decorative shadow boxes for very little cost; however, you can get as large as your budget allows.



Step 1

Remove one side of the frame per the instructions and slide out the foamboard backer and glass. Place your craft paper on top of the foamboard. You can put a tiny piece of tape across the top to help the paper lie flat if desired. Then apply some stickers to the front of the glass.


Step 2

Slide your foamboard and glass back into the frame. Turn the frame upright and pour some candy corn into the frame.


Step 3

Place the side back onto the frame and display your amazing shadow box!


These are a few additional examples of other shadow boxes I made using this same method. The possibilities are truly endless!


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Joely Rogers is the vice president of Frame Destination, Inc. She has been with the company since 2005. Joely has a graduate degree in English language education and storytelling from the University of Southern Mississippi. She is also a lifelong artist and paints, sculpts, and creates art journals and jewelry in her cozy home studio. Her personal website is

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