It All Started with a Mickey-Matic: Meet Photographer Joshua McCann

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Variety is the spice of life for Joshua McCann, a commercial photographer and videographer in Michigan. “Sometimes it is the subject that finds the photographer,” he explains. Wedding photos and family portraits capture happy faces at milestone moments, while Joshua’s commercial videos record everything from synchronized skaters to the man behind a natural shoreline landscaping company.

Beautiful and brooding.

It seems that the beautiful, brooding work Joshua shares with us here has a cinematic vibe not unlike his commercial videography. One explanation may be found in Joshua’s answer to question #4 of the Q&A. Joshua is also certified to pilot remote drones, allowing him to capture sweeping aerial footage.

His choice for glazing.

Joshua’s talents extend to other media. Like old windows. Last fall, he was putting together a show of some windows he had refurbished to serve as frames for black-and-white photographs. Along with the black mat he bought from Frame Destination, Joshua says he “fell in love with the Non-Glare Acrylic.” We love helping our artists find just what they know will best showcase their creativity!

See more of his work.

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If you’re curious about where Joshua was trained and the light source he can’t work without, read on.

Now for Artie’s Eight with Joshua McCann…

1. What is your background; how did you get started?

I was given a Kodak Mickey-Matic camera when I was around 6 or 7 years of age and have been taking photographs ever since. I pursued my interests of photography and filmmaking by attending Full Sail University, completing my degree there. Now I own and operate a photography and videography service provider.

2. How important is it for a photographer to “connect” with their subject?

The importance goes hand-in-hand with the connection itself and sometimes it is the subject that finds the photographer. Some of my best work has come from unguided processes where I've allowed the subject to manifest on its own, instead of being directly sought out.

3. What has been a formative experience or the best advice you’ve received within your career?

There will be many obstacles and hurdles to get over and self-doubt will linger around. The best thing is to accept these truths and focus on the core love for the art.

4. What ways does your work reflect your personality?

I have been told that my work has a very mysterious and ambient feel that sits somewhere between beautiful and dark. This would most likely come from my love of filmmaking and the movies I experience growing up in the ’80s and ’90s.

5. Creative blocks, do you get them? If so, how do you overcome them?

Creative blocks are best dealt with by taking breaks and switching projects. Taking a nap, going on a trip or working on something else always clears these up for me.

6. What is your most indispensable tool? (Not counting the obvious, like paints, brushes, canvas, camera, etc.)

Our sun and the natural light it provides us.

7. Do you have a new project you are working on, or a new passionate idea?

Currently I am working on seasonal landscape photography of the water sheds located in my county.

8. What “fad” gadget do you most regret purchasing?

I am very careful with my tool/gadget purchases and I can honestly say that I currently have no gadget regrets.

Featured Photographer Joshua McCann

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