Horses by the Sea Meet: Photographer Jessica Cardelucci

Written by Artie The Panda

Growing up in California, Jessica Cardelucci was never far from ocean waves or wild mustangs. Both are subjects of her artistic endeavors, and horses are especially near and dear to her heart.

A Subject and a Cause

Although America’s mustangs are protected by federal legislation, population control efforts have led to removing horses off public lands. It’s a controversial issue, and Jessica is devoted to preserving an equine legacy through her photography. She even spent a year volunteering at a seaside horse ranch, ending each day’s shift roaming the ranch and capturing imagery of these noble animals. As a fellow four-legged mammal, I appreciate her efforts!

Platinum Parallel

Jessica uses a 19th-century process that produces one-of-a-kind, handmade platinum prints. The medium is intentional: The rarity of platinum is Jessica’s way of paralleling the fleeting moments she has spent with wild horses, whose future is far from certain. The photo above, titled “Bolt,” is presented in our Metal Profile 11 in Frosted Black. “Frame Destination has made framing my artwork so effortless … while using the highest quality materials,” says Jessica. “The frames have always arrived professionally packaged in flawless condition.” We’re happy and honored to have a part in Jessica’s beautiful work.

See More of Jessica’s Work

Explore Jessica’s photography through her online portfolio and on Instagram. Beyond black-and-white imagery of horses, you’ll find black-and-white seascapes along with candy-colored ocean images whimsically titled “Salt Water Taffy.” In my Q&A with Jessica below, she shares what she’s been up to while sheltering in place in California.

Now for Artie’s Eight Q&A with Jessica Cardelucci …

1. What is your background; how did you get started?
I've always had a passion for photography as long as I can remember. As a kid, my favorite part of family trips was exploring the outdoors with the disposable film cameras my mom gave me. My love for photography never faded and I continued to explore the art. I am mostly self-taught from my personal projects and natural drive to create.

2. How important is it for a photographer to “connect” with their subject?
It is important to connect with your subject to tell your story. If you dont understand what your work is about, you cant expect others to understand.

3. What has been a formative experience or the best advice you’ve received within your career?
Failure is part of success, never stop learning.

4. What ways does your work reflect your personality?
My personality is very vibrant and outgoing, whereas my photographs are more intimate and express what moves me. They are opposites that complement one another.

5. Creative blocks, do you get them? If so, how do you overcome them?
Im currently stuck in a creative block as we speak. Ive been forcing myself to join Zoom artist talks and get outside to create new images even if nothing comes of it. I overcome these hurdles by continuing to push forward.

6. What is your most indispensable tool? (Not counting the obvious, like paints, brushes, canvas, camera, etc.)
Adobe Photoshop! I grew up in the digital age and even though I have a love for printing and the handmade platinum processes, I also love the digital workflow.

7. Do you have a new project you are working on, or a new passionate idea?
Ive been playing with cyanotypes while sheltering in place. Im not sure if I will complete a body of work in this medium but its been fun to get my hands dirty while stuck at home.

8. What “fad” gadget do you most regret purchasing?
An underwater splash housing. I love our oceans and my husband surfs, so I had a vision of diving into underwater photography. It turns out Im not the strongest swimmer and should really stick to the things I know best, like horses and seascapes — from the shore!

Jessica Cardelucci

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Last Updated January 21, 2021

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