Young Adult, Old Soul: Meet Photographer Hudson Ingram

Written by Artie The Panda

I’m an old-soul panda, and I recognize an old-soul human when I see one. What impresses me most about this young adult is that he’s not only a student of photography — he’s a student of people. As a photography student at UNT, Hudson Ingram is currently focused on relationships and the emotions that come with them. His responses to my Artie’s Eight Q&A make this clear, but so does his work.

Trios and transparency.

Our team here at Frame Destination enjoyed taking a walk through Hudson’s portfolio, which showcases a trio of series titled “Disconnect,” “Anonymity of an Observer” and “Peripheral.” In each of these bodies of work, Hudson explores aspects of his relationships with friends and family. By digitally inserting a transparent image of himself into his “Disconnect” photographs, Hudson reveals the detachment and unrequited admiration many of us have felt at one time or another.

Hudson’s choice to highlight his art.

We’re excited to have framed the photograph Hudson shares with us here. He ordered Wood Frame Profile 852, which was “exactly what I asked for and helped highlight the work!” says Hudson.

See more of his work.

You can peruse his online portfolio or follow him on Instagram. And if you happen to be near Denton, Texas, in February 2020, check out the UNT Parallax “Lucid Dreams” exhibit, which will feature some of Hudson’s latest images.

Now for Artie’s Eight Q&A with Hudson Ingram…

1. What is your background; how did you get started?
I was born in 1997 in McKinney, Texas. I starting taking photographs as a child, but never really considered myself an artist until high school. That’s when I had a capstone experience on mastering camera control through a mentorship with Tin Star Photography. When I began college at the University of North Texas, I really started to view myself as an artist. My classes helped me discover how to apply a deeper meaning to my work and how that can help me not only as an artist, but as a person.

2. How important is it for a photographer to “connect” with their subject?
In photography there is a direct connection between what the photographer sees through their viewfinder or screen and what the viewer is shown. This enables people to experience the photographer’s perspective, and creates curiosity—if not about the subject matter, then how it was shot. The photographer's own personal connection to the subject is what drives the the photograph and can affect the image created.

3. What has been a formative experience or the best advice you’ve received within your career?
You will make work that can be absolute crap, but that crap will eventually lead you to good or even great work.

4. What ways does your work reflect your personality?
I am a young adult still figuring out life, and I'm pretty sure that I won't ever figure it out. But in trying to understand it through my photography, I hope that I can convey what is going on in my life to whoever sees it.

5. Creative blocks, do you get them? If so, how do you overcome them?
I definitely can't think of anything some days, and on those days I just take photographs of whatever I see in my daily life. Continuing to do so gives me insight to what I might be subconsciously thinking, and I create a project based on those thoughts.

6. What is your most indispensable tool? (Not counting the obvious, like paints, brushes, canvas, camera, etc.)
Relationships with others are what has fueled not only my work but my life. Everything for me has been built on relationships or the lack thereof.

7. Do you have a new project you are working on, or a new passionate idea?
I am currently working with film in both 35mm and medium format to show my perspective of my own envy.

8. What “fad” gadget do you most regret purchasing?
Mainly things that haven't worked for longer than a day. Flash sync controls, remotes, etc.

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