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Mission Statement

The mission of the Frame Destination team is to help our customers with picture frames and image display. With integrity and honesty as core drivers, we strive for perfection in our products and harmony in our relationships with each other, our customers, and our vendors.

Frame Destination News

Our History

In the early 2000s, once-amateur photographer Mark Rogers was frustrated. He couldn’t find the frames to fit the photographs he had so carefully taken and printed in his home studio—and even when he did find frames that fit, they weren’t the archival quality he wanted.

Having grown tired of ordering frames from shops that couldn’t accommodate his needs, Rogers founded Frame Destination out of his home in Dallas, Texas, in 2004. After one year and much success, he was able to move the business out of his home and into Frame Destination’s current production facility. The move facilitated the company’s ability to broaden its product line, including the introduction of the GalleryPouch™ bubble bag. The bubble bag, an innovation of photographer, author and consultant Andrew Darlow, was created in 2009 by Frame Destination to assist photographers and homeowners needing to pack and transport their artwork safely and easily.

Under Rogers’ leadership, Frame Destination has become one of the leading Internet-based seller of picture frames and do-it-yourself framing supplies for professional and amateur photographers, scrapbooking enthusiasts, and even the average homeowner. Our production team handles and ships all of our wood and metal picture frames and supplies directly from our facility, guaranteeing that your product is of the highest possible quality. We are so confident that our products will exceed your expectations that we offer a money-back guarantee.

What We Offer

  • Pre-assembled picture frames, which include the mount board, mat board, glazing, and hanging kit.
  • Ready-made picture frames, including archival and standard
  • Empty picture frames, metal and wood
  • Framing materials, including mat board, mount board, glass or acrylic glazing
  • Storage materials, including photo boxes, CD/DVD slipcases, GalleryPouch™ bubble bags, and more
  • Cleaning supplies, such as acrylic cleaner and microfiber towels
  • Protection supplies, including gloves, corner protectors, and dust covers
  • And much more!

President's Letter

Mark Rogers, President of Frame Destination, LLC

I am a photographer that discovered the incredible world of the digital darkroom via Photoshop and photo quality printers. The creative control I gained with the digital darkroom was beyond my wildest dreams! While searching for picture frames for my prints, I soon learned that retail locations did not offer the kind of ready-made picture frames I was looking for. I wanted simple, elegant picture frames in nonstandard sizes such as 13x19, or 10x15 inches that would help reduce fading and not cause yellowing.

I thought about this problem for a long time and after a lot of research, came to the realization that I could fix it. While conducting the research, I learned there are many people with similar needs. Once I realized others could also benefit…Frame Destination LLC was established. I hope we can help you give your beautiful prints a frame that will protect and present them the way they deserve.

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Mark Rogers, President, Frame Destination, LLC