Unassembled Wood and Floater Frame Instructions

Position the Frame - Place the picture frame or floater frame face down on a solid, flat surface. To prevent scratching or damage, do not place the frame on carpet or a similar type surface. Covering the surface with cardboard will help protect the frame.
Joining the Frame - Each side of the picture frame has one or more dovetail openings routed into each end that are only visible from the back of the frame. This is where the key(s) will be inserted.

Apply a small amount of wood glue to the two sides you are getting ready to join.

* If there is more than one dovetail key per corner, start with the tallest key on outside of frame and work towards the short keys on the inside of the frame.
The rounded end of the dovetail key goes into the opening first. Insert the key by hand first and then finish by pushing it in by gently tapping it with a 16 ounce or smaller hammer. (Using a larger hammer will increase the risk of chipping the wood.)
Once you reach the 3rd and 4th corners, apply glue to both corners at the same time.
Note: after you assemble the 3rd corner of the frame it will be difficult to put glue on the 4th corner.

Allow the Frame to Dry - Let the frame dry for approximately 30 minutes. Once dry, a permanent, strong and reliable joint is created.