Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from customers that have purchased picture frames, mats, mount boards, GalleryPouches and other framing accessories from Frame Destination.
“PhD of packaging!” - Bartosz
“…my Zappos of framing supply.” - Keiko
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  • As always, Frame Destination is the best frame and framing supply dealer around. I've been happy with every order I have made from Frame Destination. The product quality is outstanding as is the shipping service. Great job by all. Shipping costs can be pricey so I always keep an eye on the free shipping events like the recent "artielove" sale. Which leads me to explain why I chose Frame Destination. I'm a photographer. I'm still a newbie at it and I'm self teaching my way along. In the past year, I've progressed to printing and framing my own work. I purchased frames from the other dealers and came away very disappointed. When I discovered that Frame Destination was created by an artist who was struggling to find a decent frame dealer, well then... since that's me as well, I knew I'd be in good hands. In other words, Frame Destination is great and the only frame dealer I will buy from. Thank you, Tim B.
  • Beyond Exceptional - That’s the way I describe your product. From the hanging wire bound with a tiny piece of yellow tape, to the spotless glass, to the frames and the packaging. Exceptional. You and your entire team in Dallas have set the bar for excellence in this business. I am always proud and satisfied to see my photography in your frames. Thank you, and the very best of luck during this difficult time.
    Michael on 5/6/2020
  • Today I received my Glass Order. I have to say, I was somewhat concerned about breakage BUT my fears were set aside when I opened the package. My order was excellently wrapped and protected. A truly professional job. I'll be back ... for sure.
    Jim on 5/4/2020
  • I am very new to your company, my first order is just color samples for mats I ordered this week. I just wanted to say a big thank you for getting the order in the mail before the shut down. I can't wait to start on a very big creative project during the shut down and look forward to getting your samples so that I can keep that project going while staying home.
    Theresa on 3/23/2020
  • I just wanted to show you folks where the 6x8 piece of glass is used. This is a framed panel from a table cloth my grandmother crocheted in the 1940s, then an aunt divided and distributed to every member of the family in 1984. It truly is priceless, and I'm hoping you can share this with the gentleman that cut it for me while I waited. No job is too small! Thanks very much!!
    Rob on 3/9/2020
  • Hey guys, I ordered some large pieces of UV glass from you guys a few months ago and now that everything is framed and up I wanted to take a second to give you kudos. Everything was quick easy and reasonably priced. You guy sare now protecting two original Steve Epting panels from his Captain America run and a Luke Ross original panel from later in that same run. Your comic book geeks know these need to be protected! Thanks again for your service!
    Carrie on 2/21/2020
  • Just wanted to thank you for my last order. Received everything as ordered. Extremely well packed and protected. Much pride goes into what you deliver to your clients. Strictly professional.
    Jim on 2/3/2020
  • I just wanted to say I couldn’t be more satisfied with my custom floating canvas frame. I love it! Thank you.
    Jeremy on 1/31/2020
  • Just letting you know that I received my frame today, and already have my art settled into it. It looks great. Love this frame! I am a repeat customer, and want you to know that I truly appreciate your business, your products, the ease of ordering, and how simple you make the whole process. It's such a delight to open the box, and see the real care with which all the parts are packed, with attention to each detail. Instructions are clear, and putting it all together is a cinch. I LOVE that you put the points in! I have told many artist friends about Frame Destination, and will continue to sing your praises. Thank you so much for having such a great business and being such a super resource. Your product gives me more time to paint and to enjoy my art! Sincerely, Kelly Manley
    Kelly on 1/12/2020
  • I received my order for two pieces of glass today. A small order for you I am sure, but I had never used you before so I was a little cautious. I frame my own needlework and often get frames that have no glass hence my order. But I digress. I simply wanted to sincerely thank you for the shipment I received today. A small order, as I said, but it was packaged and treated as if it were the biggest order you received that week. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. I am sure I will be using you for all my future framing needs (and there will be many)
    Barbra on 1/9/2020
  • I have a one man show coming up this week in Tucson, AZ. My frame order was sent to my billing address in CT by mistake. This was entirely my fault as I listed my billing address as the destination. After a few minutes of begging someone (bless you!) authorized that the order be duplicated immediately and shipped out before they received the box laying in the snow in CT. This was on December 30th! My order arrived perfectly packed, as always, on January 5th which gives me several days to frame and hang. My thanks goes out to the owners and employees of Frame Destination. You truly have the artist's best interest at heart. May you have a healthy and prosperous New Year.
    Jack on 1/5/2020
  • I just wanted to let you know that the package has arrived. It looked like it was dropped in a puddle of water. But do not worry, this is not a complaint. The mats were packaged so well in plastic that they were saved! Will you please relay this to your shipping department. We appreciated the product and the shipping service.
    Michael on 12/29/2019
  • I am very impressed with the frame kit I ordered. The quality and workmanship is excellent! Also the packaging and care that was taken is also GREAT! It pays to buy in the USA!!!
    Thomas on 12/21/2020
  • Excellent quality frames and art glass! Ordering from your company for the first time (and second time), I have to tell you that I have NEVER received a package that was so well packed and padded ! Delivery service would have had to drive a truck over the box to break its contents! You certainly have a great team in your shipping department! Please pass along my thanks to them.
    James on 11/27/2019
  • I just received my first frame order and they arrived in perfect shape. The frames are beautiful and your packaging for shipping is the best I have ever seen. You guys were recommended by a Photographer who is in the same summer festival I am in every summer, her name is Martha Hernandez and I loved the frames showing her work in her booth this summer.
    Scott on 10/26/2019
  • Alexis! Thank you for helping me solve my problem and reworking my order! You are an amazing frame angel. I’m assuming you will send out a confirmation of the changes. If that is not a normal part of your process I would like to request one for my records so I can reorder the same frame easily. Thanks a million!
    Elizabeth on 10/25/2019
  • I love frame destination! You guys are the best!
    Ralph on 10/16/2019
  • eCommerce, Online ordering started out as being a convenience then gravitated in some cases to a cost savings but alas, the sellers didn't really worry about customer service, the first two being the offset it was the reasoning. Along came ZAPPO's. Convenience, not necessarily cost savings but order two or three pairs, try them on, ship the others back, we'll pay shipping both ways. But they had a secret ingredient. My daughter worked in their eCommerce area and for the first few weeks . . . she answered the customer phone line. No "par" for how many calls to handle an hour, stay on the phone as long as necessary to answer questions, solve issues, satisfy the customer. Because you see, anyone can make the first sale . . . price, promises, over hype the product, but businesses are built by obtaining new customers while keeping the previous ones coming back. Lose a customer, now you need two to grow. All I needed was an 8 X 13 glass for a frame, ordered online, quick easy and great pricing. Aaron Brothers wanted three times that total amount, including shipping. Then the next day, old guys do this sort of thing, knocked over ANOTHER dang frame, uh oh, it's her nephew's graduation picture, called Frame Destination, asked if there was still time to include this on in yesterday's order, yes, what size. A little odd, 9-7/8" X 11-7/8" and I asked, can you put in on the credit card are do you need it again? No she says, we'll just put it in, no charge. Sure enuf, six days from order date, Friday, shows up, packed professionally, heavy brown paper, bubble wrap encased in poly foam. So now I have a subset to my story. A family business that knows the value, not just of customer service, but the step beyond. I read their story about founding the business. Henry Kaiser founded dozens of companies and one of them - - Kaiser Cement - - had truck mixers that said "find a need and fill it." Let me tell you, he has nothing on Frame Destination. I'm a lifetime customer and cheerleader. NOT because the second glass was free, but rather because they just fixed my problem,MY problem, delivered by the phone representative in less than a minute. That's service . . . and a dose of good common sense.
    Willaiam on 10/13/2019
  • Last week I ordered a frame for a small cooperplate print. You all met and exceeded my expectations. For years, purchased Michael’s sectional frames and cut or had a mat/glass cut. Since they no longer carried these frames, I was stuck looking for a new options, that would coordinate with my collection of prints/photos. I am glad I found your company. You met or exceeded my expectations. You made the mat sizing process relatively easy by showing me an image of what the final piece would look like. You provided a lot of detail about the frame which helped me find a matching profile. The order was processed and arrived in less than a week. While I originally thought the shipping and processing fees were a bit high, I was impressed with how well everything was packaged and the hanging kit was top notch. Just wanted to say thank you and will consider you again.
    Mark on 8/29/2019
  • I just wanted to let you guys know that the frame arrived yesterday and even though the package was very damaged, because of how well you packaged it... the frame was in perfect condition! I'm extremely pleased with your quality and price and I'll be mentioning you guys on my YouTube channel and recommending your business to others. I'm including a picture of myself next to the frame which now contains a genuine Magic the Gathering - uncut print sheet from the War of the Spark Foil Rare/Mythic Edition. Thanks for the great customer service and product!
    Edwin the Magic Engineer on 8/9/2019
  • My name is JACK And Tuesday I received my order from you in the mail which included several sheets of the Acrolyte in various sizes and two custom frames. And I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the way it was packaged, Hell it must of took me about and hour to unravel all the bubble rape *lol*. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that it all came thru perfect, The frames where easy to assemble and everything looks great. Of Course I suppose I should pat my self on the back for choosing the colors I did. But that doesn’t change the fact that I feel you all did a fantastic job with my order (Nice how quickly it came too). Meantime you’ve earned me as a future customer and I look forward to placing another order on my next payday for atleast one more custom frame and a few more sized pieces of that acrolyte.. And I gotta tell ya, That stuff really does make the difference when it comes to knocking down the glare
    Jack on 8/2/2019
  • You guys are amazing!! I ordered glass for two pictures of original art done by our nephew and the glass arrived quickly and perfect!! Pics below with the glass in place.Thank you!!!!!!
    Wendy on 7/19/2019
  • Hi there. I just thought I’d take a moment and say thanks. I came across your company a little while back and I’m thrilled with it. I’ve made a few orders now and have been really happy with the results. I love that when putting together a frame up, the mat opening and other measurements are visible. It’s so incredibly helpful! The shipping is always excellent and obviously great care is taken during packing. Anyways, please pass along a customers appreciation with all involved.
    Patrick on 7/16/2019
  • Just wanted to let you know how thoroughly pleased I was when I received my order today. I got what I expected and it was so carefully packed and in perfect condition.
    David on 6/17/2019
  • The frames were cut and joined perfectly - nice clean corners. The glass and the matting were also cut perfectly - no blemishes. Finally, the packaging was very thorough as well - everything arrived fully intact. Thank you very much for making this easy!
    Erin on 5/20/2019
  • Thank you for making my framing easier—and at a good price!
    Susan on 5/7/2019
  • I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did of packaging and shipping my recent order of glass plates. I have not seen anything so professionally wrapped outside of the chinaware counter in a Japanese department store.
    Michael on 4/24/2019
  • My order arrived today; everything was perfect, I'm 100% satisfied. Thank you.
    Robin on 4/16/2019
  • I wanted to write and let you know how incredibly happy I was to receive my frames today. They were packaged impeccably and I was SO overjoyed to receive them. Thank you to you and the staff at Frame Destination. I will not hesitate to use you again and recommend you to other clients and friends. Thank you! Thank you!
    Simon on 4/9/2019
  • I could not believe the packaging. It could have withstood a nuclear attack undamaged. Amazing. I received everything I ordered and it arrived in great shape. Thank you for conscientiously expediting my order. Needless to say I was impressed! Thank you so much!!
    Mike on 3/25/2019
  • I had an issue with a recent order, and your customer service person handled it perfectly. I've just posted a five-star review on Yelp. Thank you for your great service!
    Cameron on 3/20/2019
  • Just wanted to say "thanks" for such great service and product! Quick shipping, a QUALITY frame (with real glass!!!), an easy ordering system... whew! What a relief compared to your competitors...
    Greg on 3/4/2019
  • Dear folks, I am emailing you not because there was a problem with my order, but because it was just perfect....beautifully packed, prompt, and clearly marked. I am a pastel artist who needs uv glass and you are unquestionably my new source. Thanks for the great work you do. Best,
    Margaret on 2/25/2019
  • The glass I ordered came promptly, so we'll packed, the exact specifications I requested. I noticed my comments about what I needed were personally initialed. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to all my friends.
    MJ on 2/13/2019
  • Thank you for your speedy, timely shipping! The frames arrived just in time for our trip to see our son. Pictures are now stretched onto frames and on display. Great service, high quality frames, fast shipping, great website!
    Courtney on 2/2/2019
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the frames I ordered. The packaging was exceptionally thorough, and the frames and accessories certainly exceeded my expectations. Your website is easy to navigate and offers a large variety of frames and mattes, all at a reasonable price. My framed artwork looks fantastic! Thank you!
    Geri on 1/25/2019
  • Thank you very much, I so appreciate dealing with FD, your customer services are outstanding! Also, the care in which you package shipments is amazing, never had damages or order errors. Happy Holidays to all of you, and am looking forward to another year of Art collaboration!!
    Doug on 12/04/2018
  • Purchased two, odd sized frames for diplomas. Unlike some other sites, the directions to create the desired sizes were perfectly clear. Offered Glass covering - most others just offer acrylic. This was a big plus. Offered several types of coatings and backings for preservation. Price was competitive. Items came very quickly. All intact! First frame took 5min to set up. 2nd took 2min. We are very happy with the product and service and will look forward to working with Frame Destination again.
    David on 11/20/2018
  • I want to thank you guys. You always do an amazing job fulfilling orders correctly, packing everything safely, and shipping timely. I appreciate your work and that's why 90% of the frames in my house are from you!
    Jacob on 11/07/2018
  • Got my box of glass safe and sound,and have now met my match in secure packaging! Glass panes came cleaned and so far all are unscratched as well so koodos to all and thanks folks.
    Stephen on 10/27/2018
  • This company has the best customer service I have ever seen. This company is easy to get a hold of. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable. They answered all of my phone & by email. Emails are replied to very quickly...they don't make you wait for days before they respond. My situation was time-sensitive. I had a deadline to meet, so that meant a great deal to me. Thank you Frame Destination!
    Carol on 10/1/2018
  • I have always been pleased with orders from Frame Destination. Their quality speaks for itself, so this review is a bit about the quality they show right through to packing products for shipping. I recently ordered mats and frames for two images that were selected for an exhibit. On the date of delivery, the tracking system showed a delivery at my front door. It was pouring rain and I just knew, wherever the package was delivered, the contents were surely ruined. I contacted the delivery provider (who has yet to respond) but a neighbor delivered a very drenched box a day later. As I unpacked the soggy mess, I was amazed that the contents had been packed so well, they were completely dry. Nothing was damaged even though the shipping box was ruined by the rain.
    SuZan on 9/20/2018
  • Sold about 20 prints last week, they all looked dynamite! My daughter’s honeymoon fund just got really upscaled, thank your team for all the great work! Never had less than a perfect matte or frame from FD.
    Michael on 9/13/2018
  • Thank you for the awesome work you guys do, always a happy returning customer!
    Allyson on 9/8/2018
  • Wow!! Thank you SO much! I'm so happy with my mats and how fast you were able to get them to me and the care you took in packaging them. Top notch service!
    Kathy on 8/24/2018
  • I received my order today and I just wanted to say thank you. You did a fabulous job not only with the custom frame and mats but the packaging and correspondence was top-notch. Keep up the great work and I am going to pass your name on to all of my friends.
    Jody on 7/19/2018
  • After returning home last Thursday from a 2 week vacation I started to prepare for a show that I needed to submit to on Tuesday, only to find that I was short one frame. PANIC ATTACK. I submitted an order to you and called customer service. It was 2:30PM your time and I was told that you usually ship the priority orders then next day and couldn’t guarantee delivery by Tuesday. I placed the order anyhow hoping that maybe I could submit one photo a day late. I was amazed when I got the shipping notice THURSDAY afternoon, a full day before your normal timeframe. The frames arrived today (Tuesday) and I was able to submit all my photos on time. You guys rushed my order through your system to help me out. Fantastic customer service!!!! Thank you!!!
    Ed on 5/16/2018
  • Thanks folks. The replacement arrived and is perfect. I appreciate you for standing by this customer and taking good care in making it right. Mistakes happen. I understand that. Not every company is as honorable as you are - and that you are means a lot to me.
    Maryllis on 4/18/2018
  • The frames came safely packed and arrived in perfect condition. Directions were clear and the frames look amazing. So pleased with them!
    Shana on 3/24/2018
  • Great website, very nice frames, very good packaging and excellent customer service. I highly recommended Frame Destination.
    Gregory on 3/18/2018
  • Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived this morning, and I just finished swapping out the old glass from my existing frames, and installing the new non-glare acrylic. The panels were cut perfectly to size, and they diffused the reflective glare EXACTLY as your website described. Oh, and the bubble-wrap that surrounded the 2 panels inside the shipping carton was super-protective, too. It brought to mind various youtube videos showing the final landing of the Mars Rover!! ?? Thanks for a great product, and the awesome online shopping customer experience!
    Ray on 2/3/2018
  • My first order from Frame Destination arrived this afternoon and I couldn’t wait to tell you how pleased I am. My frame is already on the wall with a watercolor that I did recently - one I’m particularly proud of. It just seemed to deserve more than something from the craft store, and yet the estimate from my neighborhood frame shop was too expensive for my budget. Navigating your website, ordering, fair pricing, and timely receipt of all the right components to make my painting shine was a great experience, start to finish. Having access to a video on how to handle the metal frame and the acrylic was very helpful. From a very satisfied customer,
    Marilyn on 2/3/2018
  • We have ordered and received two frames from you all this last week. One was a small drop in (20x8) for a little canvas we bought. Before we had even received it, we ordered a float frame for a nearly 20x24 canvas we had done. The first frame came in and we were amazed at the excellent packing job! Could have run over it with a truck and not damaged it. It fit perfectly, the pins were all tight…great job. The float frame came in yesterday; and again, excellent packing job! The color was ad advertised, the quality excellent, and directions concise with all hanging hardware parts. We have been just so pleased with the products and have passed along your link to folks we know who need frames. Thanks for the good quality and excellent packing. So often we get paper (we are photographers and do most of our own printing as well as printing for others) in boxes with crushed corners, making the paper unuseable. Not so with your frames. Keep up the good work!
    Mimi and John on 2/2/2018
  • I've just received my third order from you, and want you to know that: The QUALITY of your products is excellent, from materials to workmanship! The SERVICE is impeccable and very timely - its easy and pleasant to work with the staff. The PACKAGING is superior - since the first order I have had no concerns at all about getting damaged product. ...and then, to complete this review, the PRICING is competitive and very reasonable. FRAME DESTINATION rocks!!
    John on 1/12/2018
  • I have been meaning to give you a call about this order and just keep not finding the time. I wanted to say how grateful I am that you were able to process the order so quickly. I know, I paid the rush fee so that you would move it to the top of the queue, but I noted in my request that it would only get to me on time if it shipped the day after I placed the order and you were able to get it done. The frames arrived in pristine condition and I was able to mount my photos and hang the frames in time for a party we had the next day, to my family's great delight. Thank you again for your excellent service, I will continue to buy frames from you as the need arises.
    Philip on 1/6/2018
  • Just a line to say how impressed I am with your shipping and packaging. I ordered acrylic, mats and backers for some custom frames I made as Christmas gifts and was blown away by how well they were packaged and shipped to me — they even made it on time for me add them to the frames in time for Christmas Eve gifts. In the future, I know where to go for all my framing needs.
    Jason on 12/23/2017
  • Thank you so much for your service. I believe I can honestly say I have never done business with a more honest and trustworthy company. It was easy to order and FAST on delivery. And best of all....didn't cost me an arm and a leg! I am going to put a review on Google.
    Caudia on 11/16/2017
  • I just received my 1st order from your great company. It starts with Tara, a super customer service person. The order was perfect and far above my expectations. I bought a large frame in metal with plexi. Perfect!!! As previous reviews have stated, the packaging was unbelievable. Why can’t other companies figure this out?? Kudos to you all. Don’t forget, it started with Tara.
    Dick on 10/10/2017
  • I received my order on Saturday, September 30, just 3 days after placing it on a “Rush” basis. I was immediately impressed by the care that your shipping dept. took in the packaging. The frame is beautiful and sturdily constructed. The matting is precisely cut. Overall I’m very impressed by your service, quality and pricing and will be a repeat customer. Thanks for your attention to quality!
    Robert on 10/2/2017
  • I love this frame! It perfect for my art and the delivery was exceptional. I have an art show next week & this makes my art look like a winner. I want more!! Just had to let you guys know.... Thank you so much
    Sue on 9/30/2017
  • I just received my order from your company and am very grateful that I found you on line!! I needed the matting for a retirement gift by October 4th. You beat that request by over a week!! The product itself was a double mat for a 12" x 18" photo to fit in a 16" x 24" frame. Your website is extremely easy to navigate to choose the desired format, color, sizes and style - at a very reasonable price!! I tried to get a local craft store (A.C.Moore) to help me out and the best they could do was $107!! With shipping and a nominal "rush" fee, your price was $33 - and it looks great! I will certainly share your website with friends, family and colleagues if they require your expertise with their next project. Thank you again.
    Frank on 9/28/2017
  • Just got a shipment of framing materials — plexiglas, backing boards — and your very handy Gallery Pouch for hauling framed artwork around. The products were high quality, as usual. But I was especially impressed with your rugged, bullet-proof packing; I can’t image anything damaging my shipment short of being run over by a semi-tractor. It shows a real attention to detail. Keep up the good work.
    Harlan on 8/27/2017
  • I've been ordering lots of frames from them for years for plein air competitions and art shows. Everything has always been perfect- the one time in many, many orders I had an issue with scratched plexi, they rush shipped me a replacement immediately with no hassle. Once, I had a package go missing in my old neighborhood because it was delivered to the wrong address by UPS, and they replaced it for me immediately. Customer service is top notch and I am extremely loyal!
    Joanna on 8/22/2017 via Facebook
  • I don't write many reviews on Facebook but this is a company that I am very happy to be a customer of. I've ordered many frames and associated items from Frame Destination now and every time I'm equally impressed. The frames and mats are top quality, the packing is impeccable (I'm fairly certain that the packed frames could survive an EF-3 tornado...maybe EF-4) and everything always arrives quickly. Very, very highly recommended.
    Chris via Facebook on 8/9/2017
  • As always, a fantastic order from FrameDestination. great order, shipping time and material is wrapped for protection. Thank you.
    John on 7/6/2017
  • I wanted to let you know that we received the frame and it is fantastic! My husband wanted me to write to you and let you know personally how great he thinks FRAME DESTINATION is. My husband was so impressed by the packaging and protection that it gave the frame. When he actually got it open he was so happy with the construction, quality and color of the frame. He is a general contractor and really appreciates quality craftsmanship and the care that goes into good products. You don’t see that very much anymore in this world. He also loved that you include the mounting kit, and he easily was able to mount the painting and get it up on the wall to show to me. I have never seen this kind of floating frame before, and really like the way it makes the painting look. As a matter of fact, my husband wants me to order one more frame for another piece of artwork that we have! which i will be doing as soon as he gets me the measurements. Thanks again for your help in getting the order placed last week….I hope the website got fixed and is up an running now. It was worth the wait to get the order! Keep making this great product!
    Cindy on 6/26/2017
  • I woild like to commend you again for your excellent customer service. You and your team responded immediately to my concerns and shipped me a perfect replacement. I have recommended Frame Destination to many of my photographer friends and will be distributing the business cards sent to me at my request at out next meeting in 2 weeks. You are my "go to place" for everything pertaining to frames. I cannot thank you enough for your fine service and well as beautiful product.
    Ilene on 5/31/2017
  • Love, love, love this company. They are my Zappos of framing supply. I've ordered a bunch of custom mats, backing, frame, even a large piece of glass. Every cut and every order was accurate, prices reasonable, shipping reasonable (and well packed - no bends, dings, cracks, smudges - from TX to VT!). And lastly, each packing slip gets a sticker with an art related quote... most recently, "Artists can't forego disciplined study because that's the foundation for becoming fearless." - Melanie Peter
    Keiko on 5/11/2017
  • I just wanted to thank you and the team responsible for doing a great job of putting together, packing and shipping my order. The frames came in today without any issue even though one of the boxes was damaged by FedEx (what they do remains a mystery to me). I appreciate FDI's extra efforts in ensuring my order comes through.
    Niel on 4/20/2017
  • Just wanted to tell you how great I think your company is. I tell all of my artist friends about you. Your wonderful art glass, your terrific, fast service, and your prompt attention and resolution to matters when things go wrong. You are the BEST - please let all who attend to my glass/packaging/delivery how much I appreciate them!
    Susan on 3/29/2017
  • Attached is a photo of my work in your fantastic Gallery Pouches. I use them for transporting paintings and love them.
    Diana on 3/12/2017
  • My order arrived yesterday in fine shape. Thanks for the personal attention. The people in your shipping department did a yeoman's job packing the order. Thanks again,
    Terry on 2/4/2017
  • I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product and service. We ordered a few pieces to use in prototypes for a project we are working on. They were ordered just before Christmas and we were in no hurry to get them, but were very surprised when they arrived about 2 days later! We just now completed the prototypes and installed the acrylic. Until this morning, we had not removed the protective coating. All I can really say is WOW! We have used glass in other projects as that is what the customer requested, but we will never use glass again. The clarity through the acrylic is unbelievable. It seems to add clarity to the photo. We all had to stop what we were doing and look at it. Our project will require about 175 pieces, but we will likely get a few more to use in other applications, now that we have seen the results. Thanks for a superior product and for the excellent service. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.
    Lucy on 1/20/2017
  • I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic work. My order of glass was cut super precisely and the wrapping and shipping was A+. I will definitely order from you again. I have been very impressed with your professional service! Thank you!
    Hilke on 12/22/2016
  • I received my order today, and just finished my first ever framing project, two of my landscape photos for my wife. They turned out absolutely beautiful. You got everything exactly right. I requested rush service, and you did. You figured out based on what I ordered that I had made a mistake in the ordering process, and you called to clarify. I added something after the order was placed and you included it all in one shipment for me. The packaging was impeccable. Full sheets of mat board and foam core, plus 26x20 glass - so many opportunities for damage and not so much as a corner on a mat board bent! Thank you so much! You are absolute pros and you should be proud of the quality of your work.
    Greg on 12/21/2016
  • I just wanted to send a thank you. I received my frame yesterday and the craftsmanship was excellent and it was so well packaged. Thank you for getting it out so quickly, it looks great!
    Matt on 12/9/2016
  • I just wanted to update you on the frames with the Glass. They worked out perfectly and the client loved them. So I wanted to thank you a, your team and Jim for helping to make this right. It is always refreshing to find a company who is willing to help when there is a problem and find a way to get it resolved. I will do what I can to recommend others to use your company.
    David on 11/02/2016
  • I rarely do this but I am so impressed I can't contain myself. I have just received my shipment and can not believe how impeccable the packaging was done. Also, I truly thought that everything would be shipped in pieces; glass, foam core, mats, unbuilt frames and hardware. Can you imagine how excited I was when I unwrapped everything and saw each frame put together? Thank you so much. I have only opened 1 of 3 boxes but so far I am beyond happy. This has reduced my time by more then I can calculate. And you have gained a customer for a very long time. Thank you again.
    Jessica on 10/25/2016
  • I was in a show this past weekend and saved several hours of packing, unpacking, and headaches by using your amazing, magnificent, quick, easy to use, sturdy, and fabulous GalleryPouch custom bags. I will sing your praises forever!
    Barbara Moore, Artist, on 6/29/2016
  • I received my order 2 days ago and I just wanted to thank you! The frame was beyond what I had expected and the mats are perfect. The frame and mats were so well packed that even though the box was a bit loose everything inside arrived in perfect condition. This was my first order with Frame Destination and I am very impressed and will spread the word!
    France on 9/10/2016
  • Once again you guys are so great. Best service ever. I'm so happy with your service and product. Thank you and everyone that works at FD.
    Bruce on 8/26/2016
  • Thank you very much for my order, and as usual it was packed excellent, I received it 8/25/16. You Guys are the best.
    Ed on 8/25/2016
  • Just wanted to thank you again for the greatest packing! Despite my box having been put through the grist mill, all arrived unharmed, even the glass!
    Sonia on 6/17/2016
  • I ordered and received a single pane of glass from your company. As a farmer and a carpenter, I order a great deal of merchandise from many vendors. I have never had an item come so securely and professionally package as this piece of glass was. It was replacement glass for an existing display case and needed to be perfect . . . and it was. The measurements were exact and the pane was square and clean. Glass I've ordered from other companies has been less than satisfactory. Thank you to a company that obviously takes pride in it work!
    Carla on 6/11/2016
  • I just received my order from you: Sale No. 335037. I cannot say enough about your professionalism, courtesy, exactness, speed of delivery, cordiality and quality of service. This is probably my 6th order from you that have been exactly as I have ordered the frames, mattes, glass and foamboard. Because of your attention to detail I look good on the walls of galleries in Taos, NM. I will continue to recommend you to artists in Taos.
    Cris on 3/31/2016
  • My two boxes with frames arrived just as promised. I'll unpack them soon, and let you know if the order isn't perfect. Fat chance! Also, I just sent a message to all the members on the ASMP Fine Art Group, saying that I get my Tru-vue from you folks, and noting the quality of the product. (A member for looking for info and sources.) Thanks for my frames--time after time!
    Susan on 3/23/2016
  • Thank you very much for my beautiful frames. They all look great on their artworks. Even the packaging looks like a piece of artwork. Best Regards,
    Teresa on 2/18/2016
  • I just received my latest order from Frame Destination and I'm writing to let you know how pleased I am with the product. I also wanted to remark at what a great value you guys offer. I did a pretty extensive online search for these frames, but none could match your price especially factoring in the cost for shipping. I also wanted to compliment you on your amazing packaging. So many things I order these days are so poorly packed for shipping. Just recently, I had to reorder an item I'd purchased from an online retailer three times before it arrived undamaged. These frames from Frame Destination were so well packed that I had no issues at all. Once I unwrapped the frames, I had to wonder how you got all that bubblewrap in the box and still have room for the frames! Great job!. You guys are the best. I'll be ordering again.
    Tony on 2/4/2016
  • I just received my order and I am just thrilled!!! I can't thank you enough, it is perfect. I needed some "cheap" mats cut to frame matching posters and your site definitely fit the bill. The assistance I got over the phone to make sure I was using the right measurements to the quick delivery and packaging; everything was superb! Also the price was much, much less than anywhere else. I have a mat cutter, but the cost for just the mat board that I needed was cost prohibited. I don't know how you do it , but you do it beyond all expectations.
    Ellen on 1/7/2016
  • Just a quick note to say that the clearbags I ordered were packaged particularly well. I've ordered many exhibit/protective bags over the years and I simply could not be more impressed with how well your packaging dept. ensured that the sleeves arrived in perfect condition. I will order from you in the future.
    Steven on 12/4/2015
  • I just received my order earlier this week. I haven't opened it yet, but it arrived much sooner than I thought it would. I've ordered from you all before and each time, the frames have been great and arrive quickly. So I just wanted to let you know - You all have a great product and great customer service. I wish I could say the same about most companies. Thanks very much.
    Lee on 11/20/2015