11x14 White Wood Frame with Mat - PS24

Sku: FP-1554827277027-A
White wood for 8x10 photos and art
Use this statement frame in your home or office and spark a conversation with your guests. This 11x14 white wood frame is matted for an 8x10 photo or artwork and is nearly two inches tall. This is the type of frame you see in museums and it creates a dramatic look while showcasing your photo.
11" x 14" Profile S24 Matte White
Mat Board
Single Mat - 9500 - White Glove (Vellum) (OS), 9500 - White Glove (Vellum) (OS), 11" x 14"
Glass or Acrylic
Glass - Regular
Acid Free 3/16 Foam Board
Point Depth
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