Archival 17x20 Mahogany Diploma Frame - Off-White Mat - UV Glass - P210

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Deep mahogany 11x14 document frames offer striking display
Allow your degree to have a place of prominence with this rich mahogany frame, which features not only a beautiful off-white mat board but protective UV glazing. Each frame comes with a hanging kit.

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Frame: 17" x 20" Profile 210 Mahogany
Mat Board: Single Mat - 21112 - Soft White (OS), 21112 - Soft White (OS), 17" x 20"
Glass or Acrylic: Glass – UV Filter
Backing: Acid Free 3/16 Foam Board
Point Depth: Fit Contents Ordered

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The 210 profile features a rich mahogany color and black trim. The frame measures 2-1/4 inches wide and 1-1/16 inches tall, and it has a 1/2-inch rabbet. The framing glass features a 99% UV-filter. The mat board provides museum-grade archival protection, and is an 8-ply double thick Crescent 100% Cotton RagMat in off-white. With this frame, the mat borders measure an even 3 inches on each side. This results in a inside frame size of 17 x 20 inches. The window is 1/4-inch smaller than the diploma; most off-the-shelf diploma frames have windows that are 1/2 inch smaller.


  • Artwork Size: 11" x 14"
  • Mat Window Opening: 10-3/4" x 13-3/4"
  • Frame Inside: 17" x 20"
  • Frame Outside: 21-1/8" x 24-1/8"

Picture Frame Includes:

  • Frame Profile 210: Mahogany
  • Mat: 8-Ply RagMat Museum Crescent: 21112-Soft White (OS)
  • Glass: UV Filter ArtGlass
  • Backing: Fome-Cor® Acid Free 3/16

Hanging Kit:

  • Two D-ring wire hangers
  • Two screws
  • Plastic-coated stranded steel wire
  • Two wall bumpers