Black 20x28 Frame With Double Thick Mat - P117

Sku: FP-1524067241976-A
Elevate 16x24 art with elegant frame and 8-ply mat board
Use the simplicity in this elegant metal frame to ensure your artwork takes center stage. Built with the Nielsen 117 profile, known as the Arthaus profile, this anodized matte black frame features a stark white, deep beveled mat board for extra depth. Each frame includes white foamboard backing, framers' grade glass and a free hanging kit.

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Frame: 20" x 28" Nielsen Profile 117 Matte Black (Anodized)
Mat Board: Single Mat - 25700 - Vivid White (OS), 25700 - Vivid White (OS), 20" x 28"
Glass or Acrylic: Glass - Regular
Backing: Foam board Regular 3/16 inch

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The Nielsen metal profile 117 is a classic aluminum picture frame anodized in matte black. This frame measures 7/16-inch wide by 1-5/16 inches tall with a rabbet of 13/16-inch. The mat, an 8-ply mat board, is white and features a double-thick bevel. The glass is framers' grade, and the backing is a smooth white foamboard measuring 3/16-inch thick. Artwork will be overlapped approximately 3/16-inch on all four sides.


  • Artwork Size: 16" x 24"
  • Mat Window Opening: 15-3/4" x 23-3/4"
  • Frame Inside: 20 x 28"
  • Frame Outside: 20-1/4" x 28-1/4"

Picture Frame Includes:

  • Profile 117 in Matte Black
  • Crescent Select Conservation Solid 8-Ply
  • Mat Color: Vivid White
  • Glass 2mm Clear
  • Backing: Regular Foam 3/16

Hanging Kit:

  • Omni hangers to attach wire to frame
  • Plastic-coated stranded steel wire
  • 2 wall bumpers