CD/DVD Jewel Case Insert Self-Adhesive

Data protection inserts for standard CD/DVD cases.
These CD/DVD case inserts feature Corrosion Intercept® technology to protect your disc data over time. The easy-to-use inserts fit comfortably in regular jewel CD/DVD cases so you can use any CD/DVD case to protect your data for years.

Item Number: 416-1959
Item Number: 416-1960

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Archivalware® CD/DVD Jewel Case Insert with Corrosion Intercept® technology. Insert fits neatly on the bottom section of the jewel case around the hub. The self-adhesive holds it in place to offer protection from air-borne pollutants, mold or mildew. These inserts will remain active for 40+ years. This technology assures your CD/DVD of the maximum protection.

The expected lifespan of CDs/DVDs ranges from 2 to 20 years depending upon usage and storage. Archivalware® Storage Systems with Corrosion Intercept® technology will prevent "CD rot" and extend the lifespan of your discs.

Ozone and reactive oxygen can cause the metal layer of CDs/DVDs to break down and oxidize, making it unreadable. Archivalware® Corrosion Intercept® technology protects against this failure and also prevents bacterial growth.

CDs, DVDs, Computer Software, Photo Discs and Music Discs all benefit from the archival properties of Corrosion Intercept® technology.

Directions for Use:

  • Remove narrow strip of white liner exposing small area of adhesive.
  • Position center hole around the attaching hub and adhere the small semicircle to the edge of the jewel case.
  • After the small area is adhered, carefully remove the remaining white liner and allow the material to roll into place.

TIP: Check Out our CD/DVD Care & Storage Guide.