Help With Matboard Styles

Single Mat

single matboard example picture

Double Mat

double matboard example picture

Triple Mat

triple matboard example picture

Mat Window Larger than Artwork

Normally the mat board will cover the edges of the artwork to help hold it in place, and hide artwork borders or edges. However, you can make the mat opening larger than the image so the entire image is shown.

picture of matboard covering part of the photo

In this example the image has a border that can be seen and the mat is still covering some of the artwork paper.

float mat example picture 1

In this example the image has no border so you can see the edges of the paper. In this case the paper has to be mounted with techniques such as a v-hinge so it is not visible like photo corners.

float mat example picture 2

Proper Artwork Measurment

When ordering a custom picture frame with matboard it is important to measure the size of the image. Image or artwork size is what is used to determine the size of the opening in the mat. For paper size just make sure it is small enough to fit inside the frame. If it is not, then you can cut the paper to a smaller size as long as it is not valuable, or select larger mat boarders resulting in a larger picture frame size.

picture of measuring artwork size on paper