Optium Museum Acrylic

Optium Museum Acrylic

Tru Vue® Virtually invisible acrylic with 99% UV Protection
The same amazing visibility as Museum Glass but in acrylic. Optium Museum Acrylic® delivers superior protection and premium presentation making it the best glazing for any project, particularly for valuable and sentimental art. Since it is abrasion resistant you don’t have to worry about scratches like you do with regular acrylic. Unlike regular acrylic, it is safe for charcoals and pastels since it is static free.

  • 99% UV Protection
  • Anti-reflective
  • Anti-Static
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Shatter Resistance & Safey
  • 98% Light Transmission


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Thickness: 3mm 7/64” or .11811 inches Cleans like glass – no special cleaners needed. Highest UV protection available. Virtually invisible acrylic – the best choice when you want to showcase your piece without distracting reflections. Immediately eliminates static, making it the best acrylic for charcoals, pastels, or textiles, since regular acrylic is highly static and may cause damage to these types of artwork. Unlike regular acrylic, which scratches easily, Optium Museum acrylic has a durable hard coat to protect against scratches, making it great for high-traffic areas where there is a risk of scratching from everyday wear and tear. Shatterproof for protection against damage to valuable items and potential injury, especially for high-traffic or earthquake-prone area where safety is a concern – and its half the weight of glass, making it the best choice for projects that need to be easy to handle, hang and move around the home.