Papermat 4-Ply - Full Sheet

Colorful 32x40 full sheet mat board.
Available in a variety of rich and vibrant colors with a light cream colored bevel. This full sheet mat board is cost-effective and well suited for non-conservation decorative art framing.

Looking for cut-to-size mat board with or without opening?

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1/16 inch thick blank mat board for general and decorative framing. Buffered to acid free alkaline reserve of 3-5%. Light cream colored bevel (core). Cost effective mat for non-conservation applications.

These 32x40 Full Sheet mat boards come directly from manufacturer and may not be exactly 32x40. Full sheets can be 1/16" undersize and up to 1/4" oversize.

Not sure about the color? Due to variances among color monitors the colors that appear on your screen may not be exact. Click Here to order a Color Mat Sample Kit.

Also available cut-to-size with or without opening.