Acid Free 1/8 FoamBoard Full Sheet

32x40 foam board mounting board for conservation framing.
Archival-quality Encore® Acid Free mount board is specifically designed to protect valuable framed art and photographs. It doesn't require additional backing, making this a particularly useful and easy-to-use framing material.

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Size 32x40 Raw Sheet is uncut directly from the manufacturer and may not be exactly 32x40. It may be 1/16" undersize and up to 1/4" oversize, and not square.

Encore® Acid Free is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam with clay-coated white acid-free paper facers for conservation framing. Perfect for the archival preservation of valuable art and photographs. No additional backing is required, saving time and framing materials.

Encore® Board is the industry's leading paper-faced foam board for more than 40 years. Made In USA.

Also available cut-to-size.