Black Artcare Foam 3/16 Full Sheet

32x40 black, conservation-quality mount board.
Artcare Foam 3/16 inch mounting board is archival-quality and features advanced conservation technology that better protects your mounted art from airborne pollutants. This oversized, lightweight mount board features a smooth black finish. and is perfect for custom projects.

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Bainbridge Artcare™ 3/16" thick mounting board is made of archival-quality, acid free foamcore foamboard. Featuring protective Artcare™ MicroChamber® technology, this foamcore foamboard outperforms all other acid-free foamboard as it traps and neutralizes external pollutants and removes harmful chemicals. Artcare™ archival foamboard offers picture framers unique preservation qualities that no other brand of archival foamboard can deliver.

It is lightweight and extremely rigid with a smooth black mounting surface and is recommended for conservation picture framing and mounting.

32x40 Raw Sheet is uncut directly from the manufacturer and may not be exactly 32x40. It may be 1/16" undersize and up to 1/4" oversize, and not square.

Also available cut-to-size.

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