Fome-cor® Self Adhesive High Tack

Fome-cor® Self Adhesive High Tack

Fome-Cor® Self-Adhesive 3/16" mounting foamboard.

This product has been discontinued and replaced with:
Encore® Permanent Foamboard

Fome-Cor® Self-Adhesive features pressure sensitive adhesive on side with and easy peel release to expose the adhesive facer. The adhesive creates a strong, immediate bond to hold you graphic secure in place.


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Fome-Cor® Self-Adhesive is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam with clay-coated paper facers, one of which is covered with pressure sensitive adhesive. Simply peel back the release facer as you position the graphic on the sticky surface.

Eliminates the use of pressure-sensitive adhesive stock. Immediate bonding High-Tack (HT), identified by red release liner.

Fome-Cor® Board is the industry's leading paper-faced foam board for more than 40 years. Made In USA.

The original graphic arts foam board with a great reputation for performance. Cuts easily and cleanly, even by hand. Extremely lightweight.