Picture Hanger Tool for Gallery Frame Hanging

An easy way to hang frames in the perfect spot.
Frame Destination's Picture Hanger Tool makes a clean mark exactly where you should put the hanging hook or nail. No more guessing and marked up walls. This tool makes at home and gallery hanging a breeze.

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Finally, a simple way to hang framed art correctly the very first time. Our photo frame hanger takes the guesswork out of determining where to hammer that nail!

Use the Picture Hanging Tool to mark the precise spot to place a picture-hanging hook on your display wall.

Your pictures hang where you want them, and your walls don't bear the marks of dozens of "almost rights".

The Picture Placer tool is simple, precise, and affordable.  Photographers can easily hang their framed photos, gallery owners will be able to eliminate complex picture-hanging systems, and professional decorators can confidently hang their clients framed art.

Video of how to use the Picture Placer Hanging Tool: