Lineco Tyvek Tape - 150 ft

Strong, multi-use art tape.
Lineco Tyvek Tape is pressure sensitive and strong enough to hinge mats, bind folders, repair book spines and more.

Lineco Tyvek® Tape 1-1/2”x150ft 804-1550
Lineco Tyvek® Tape 2-1/4”x150ft 804-2250

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Roll of Tyvek® tape that is 2.25” x 150 ft. This pressure sensitive white polyethylene Tyvek® tape displays incredible tenacity, even under the most rigorous of circumstances. Uses include hinging mats, binding folder spines, performing book repairs to battered books as well as a variety of other uses. The pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive eliminates the sticky mess associated with moistenable tape.