Gummed Linen Hinging Tape

Sku: L533-1025
Strong, acid-free hinging tape perfect for heavy art.
Lineco's Archival Quality Gummed Linen Hinging Tape is ideal for hanging heavy art or for hinging window mat and mounting mat. This 64/52 thread count cotton linen hinging tape features acid-free adhesive that is water activated. It's the ideal solution for hanging and preserving heavier art pieces. L533-1025

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Lineco Gummed Linen hinging Tape. 1" x 360" (2.5 cm x 9.144 m). Used for hinging heavy art or hinging the window mat to the mounting mat. Acid free, water activated adhesive composed of pure carbohydrate and protein. 64/52 thread count cotton.

Main Applications: Use Gummed Linen Hinging Tape to adhere the window mat to the mounting mat and for two archival mounting techniques called the T-Hinge and the V-Hinge.

Gummed Linen Hinging Tape is also useful for reinforcing books or paper artifacts.

Directions for Use:

  • Cut or tear to desired length
  • Moisten the adhesive thoroughly
  • Wait for the adhesive to absorb the water and get sticky
  • Apply to the back of the art

To Remove:

  • Apply a little water to the tape
  • Wait for the water to penetrate the cloth and release the adhesive
  • Remove
  • Clean up adhesive residue with water

Item Number: L533-1025