Scotch 969 Adhesive Heavy-Duty Transfer Tape

Heavy-duty tape adhesive for multiple surfaces.
A thicker, more heavy duty adhesive tape for a wide range of art and craft needs. Ideal for adhering to paper, plastics, metals, vinyl, cloth and irregular surfaces.

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Super Sticky ATG Tape (heavy duty) that is more aggressive than 924 ATG. Can bond paper, plastics, metals, vinyl and cloth. A 5-mil high tack acrylic adhesive featuring high initial adhesion to most plastics. Thick adhesive mass permits bonding to many irregular surfaces. More aggressive holding power than 924, excellent choice for heavy or wide mats, fabrics or needlework and rough surfaces. Adhesive is 5mm thick.

3M Stock Number : 1/2 in x 18 yd - 70006040060

NOTE: 3M does not recommend that Scotch ATG Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) tapes be directly applied to or come in contact with materials or items of value including, but not limited to, photographs, any form of artwork, historical or precious documents or mementos, etc. It is the user?s responsibility to determine if the tape product is correct for the application.