Frame Backing Paper - Acid Free

Protect framed art from harmful dust and debris.
Lineco's light gray Acid Free Frame Backing Paper is archival quality to truly protect your framed art and photos. This dust cover paper is acid free and puncture resistant. Easy to cut to size to accommodate any frame.

Frame Backing Paper 16” x 72” - 613-1672L Acid Free
Frame Backing Paper 24” x 72” - 613-2472L Acid Free
Frame Backing Paper 36” x 300ft - 613-0035 Acid Free

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Lineco Light Gray Acid-Free Frame Backing Paper. Use this attractive light gray paper to add value and differentiate the quality of framed artwork. This acid-free buffered paper won't harm the art and won't puncture like every day brown or black kraft paper. Lineco frame backing papers are acid-free and buffered with 3% calcium carbonate to protect the artwork. Moderate porosity allows the frame package to breathe and the standard weight paper cuts cleanly and is easily handled.

The dust cover paper can be adhered to the frame with our ATG Tape or liquid PVA glue.