Stretcher Bar Frame S140

Classic stretcher bar frame 1-5/16" x 1-1/2"
Ideal for unframed gallery wrap displays or floater frames with exposed canvas edges. This well proportioned, custom built stretcher bar frame won't collapse during canvas stretching. Hand glued and nailed corners keep the joints at a strong 90 degrees. Pairs with canvas floater frames M014 and F340.

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The heavy profile of the S140 Stretcher Bar Frame is ideal for unframed gallery wrap canvases or gallery wrap canvases framed in Floater Frames, such as our F120 and F150. It is 1-5/16" tall and 1-1/2" wide. This pre-squared, ready-made frame will not buckle during canvas stretching.

The S140 is made of high quality strainer stretcher strips and hand glued and nailed for secure 90 degree corners. It also has rounded stretcher bar faces to prevent canvases from cracking.

NOTE: Frame corners are note adjustable. If you need to adjust for canvas sagging use traditional tongue and groove stretcher bars. Because our strainer frames are made of high quality solid wood stretcher strips you may need to use a higher quality nail fun to ensure the nails holding the canvas are seated properly.