Canvas Floater M013

Thin outline floater frames create a sleek look.

The Floater Frame M013 is perfect for a sleek, streamlined look that doesn't detract from the art on display. This aluminum metal floater frame, available in matte black, will stand out or blend in as much as you want it to. Pairs with stretcher bar frames S110, S120, and S130.

NOTE: The inside of the floater will be cut 1/2" larger than canvas to allow 1/4" float space between canvas and inside edge of the frame on either side.

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Include Mat Board? Mat boards visually enhance your framed work while acting a protective layer between the glazing and art.
Include Glass/Acrylic? Will allow you to specify the type of glass or acrylic to protect the image in the pictures frame. read more.
Include Backing? Backing board, also called mount board or foam board, supports and protects your artwork within the frame.

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Point Depth Points are used to hold the mat, mount board and glazing inside wood picture frames. Choose "Fit Contents Ordered" if you've ordered everything from us and will not add additional material. Select a specific depth if you are adding your own mat board, backing board, and glazing, or "No Points" if you will be adding them yourself.
This setting is the total thickness of all components in the frame such as glass, mat, and backing. Help with points
Add a hanging kit? Receive a hanging kit with your frame, including d-ring hangers, wire and wall bumpers.
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The M013 is a high quality aluminum metal floater frame and is ideal for mounting gallery wrap canvas, images mounted on foamboard, art on wood, plaques, bulletin boards or anything that would benefit from the sleek, minimal, open aesthetic of this style of floater frame - any works that don't require glazing.

This frame is strong and durable and has a consistent Matte Black finish. It includes corner hardware and screws to hold frame contents in place. It also comes with a hanging kit with euro hangers and wire.

Available in Matte Black - 1321

Ordering Your Floater Frame
To determine the correct floater frame dimensions, enter the size of your stretcher bar frame measuring from corner to corner.

Want to order a sample first? Get a Canvas Floater Sample Set

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The inside dimension of this floater frame will automatically be sized 1/2" larger than the stretcher bar dimensions, allowing for 1/4" float space between the canvas and the inside edge of the frame on either side. The smallest size possible is 8" due to the screw hole spacing on the moulding.