Alpharag 4-Ply Mat Board Framers Dozen Fun Pack 4x6 [8x10]

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Quantity ordered is the number of Framer's Dozen (Qty 13) Fun Packs in our choice of assorted colors.

Mat one on us with a "Framer's Dozen" (Qty 13) Fun Pack! Each package contains thirteen mats in our choice of assorted colors. Framer's Dozen Fun Packs are a great way to add some jazz to your images and they also make great gifts for the other artists and photographers in your life.

The mats are cut with the exterior dimension given, and the interior cutout dimension is 1/4" smaller than stated. For example, an 8x10(11x14) size is 11" x 14" exterior dimension and 7 3/4" x 9 3/4" interior dimension.

Note: Price is for each pack of 13 mat boards in assorted colors. (Divide price by 13 to get individual mat board price.)