Storage and Framing Products Safe for Photos

Photo Storage BoxesWhen you are storing or framing your photography and need the prints to last it is important that you select the proper materials. The Image Permanence Institute developed the Photographic Activity Test (or PAT) to help manufactures verify materials are safe. PAT is an international standard test (ISO18916) for evaluating photo-storage and display products and explores interactions between photographic images and the materials they are stored inside. You can get more information about it here: Photographic Activity Test. The important part is to check manufactures specifications to see if they certify their materials pass PAT or ISO 18916.

The Image Permanence Institute website has many free consumer guides you can download here: IPI Publications Here are just some of the photo storage articles available on their website:

Storage Guide for Color Photographic Materials
A Consumer Guide to Traditional and Digital Print Stability
A Consumer Guide for the Recovery of Water-Damaged Traditional and Digital Prints
A Consumer Guide to Modern Photo Papers
A Consumer Guide to Understanding Permanence Testing
A Consumer Materials for Preservation Framing and the Display of Photographic Images


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