Lineco: Get to Know This Leading Manufacturer of Archival Materials

Written by Mark Rogers

When searching for archival materials, it is important to buy the best products to get the most protection. This is exactly what you will find when you choose Lineco materials. With a pedigree of quality, Lineco is constantly improving upon the high standards they have already set in the industry. The company started in the late 1970s and has been producing high-quality products for well over 30 years. What began as a company with the best paper pads and sketchbooks on the market quickly gave way to something more. From these humble beginnings, Lineco has expanded its product list to provide picture framers and book binders with the highest quality materials needed for archival purposes.

Focus on Quality and Usefulness

Even though Lineco sets the standard with framer’s tapes, there is a constant drive to create more useful products of the same high standards. Products like pH neutral adhesives show the focus on quality for any framer’s need. lineco photo cornersIt is no wonder Lineco has been chosen as the OEM manufacturer for more than a few national brands and retailers throughout the world. These companies have put their faith in the products produced by Lineco because of the undeterred determination to produce the highest quality products useful to the largest percentage of the population.
While Lineco is well known for its Books-By-Hand line and other bookbinding materials, its framing materials have earned Lineco a place on the list with retailers like Frame Destination. These products provide archival protection for any pictures or artwork you are trying to frame, so you feel confident using them. Whether you are using these products to create your own book or to frame a priceless work of art, you can trust that in Lineco products to handle the job.

Easily Available

The products available from Lineco can help protect framed materials and keep everything in place with glues and tapes preferred by museums and individuals alike. Best of all, the products available from Lineco are reasonably priced to assure you are getting the exact quality you need without having to break the bank to get them. The availability of these products means that you are able to purchase what you need when you need it.
Lineco consistently develops new products to make sure you can get exactly what you need for all your framing and craft needs. Whether you are archiving your newest piece in your collection or are making a scrapbook of family photos, the products from Lineco can be trusted to maintain the look of your pictures and artwork for years to come. The true archival properties of everything you can purchase from Lineco saves you time and money while offering the kind of protection and long-lasting quality you need. Check out the selection of Lineco products from Frame Destination and find out why they are the first choice for most museums and archivists.

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