Archival Storage Boxes: Protecting Your Memories

If you were inside a burning house, you’d be frantic to grab for things: your kids, your pets, your spouse, and yes, even your mother-in-law. You might also grab, if you were able, as many photographs as you could handle.

In fact, photos are among the first material items people think to save in times of disaster. The reason for this is simple. Photos are more than just paper images: they are tapestries of our lives.

Photos give us insight into our past, they let us smile at past memories and cringe at past hair-dos, and they keep our loved ones alive, even after they’ve moved on. For all these reasons, photos are worth protecting.

There are many ways to protect your photos. Some people prefer to backup each photo by scanning them onto a computer disk. But, depending on your collection, this can take forever. Most people don’t have the patience or time to commit. Frame Destination offers artists and photographers a variety of archival preservation and conservation methods for your photos.

Archival Print Storage: The Easy Way
If you’re looking for photo protection that is a - forgive me - snap, try the following steps:

A Fire Resistant Safe: A fire resistant safe is a good idea for archival print storage. This kind of archival print storage is ideal for photos - such as those of ancestors - you want kept somewhere they won’t be touched….not even by flames.

Photo Archive Boxes: Photo archive boxes not only give you the ability to keep your photos safe, but they also allow you to put them in order. You may want to get a variety of archival storage boxes and sort your photos chronologically. You can even put your photo archive boxes in your fire proof safe.

Photo Sleeves: Obviously, fire is not the only threat to a photograph. Photos can be ruined by a variety of things. They can be smudged, ripped, bent, or even have coffee spilled on them. Photo sleeves offer an extra layer of protection. They keep foreign materials off of your photos, which is key in keeping them preserved.

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Mark Rogers is an amateur photographer and the founder of Frame Destination, Inc. In 2004 Mark realized the framing industry was not keeping up with the evolution of photography via new digital technology and started Frame Destination in his garage. Now his company has thousands of do-it-yourself framing customers across the US that it helps with its 11,000 square feet production facility in Dallas, TX.

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