Archival Print Storage Solutions

Written by Mark Rogers

Digital photography has opened up the hobby to many people that were either intimidated by the standard cameras with dozens of settings or couldn’t afford the expensive equipment. Though photography has changed in the last few decades, the question ‘How do I archive photo prints?’ remains. Frame Destination has many solutions for archival photo storage for the hobbyist photographer.

Archival Print Storage Box Frame DestinationPhotographs are priceless gifts – the faces, smiles and memories of our loved ones caught forever. But the prints themselves are fragile and easy to damage. Safe photo storage requires the proper archival supplies.

While walking down the aisle in any big box store, you can see flowery boxes or kitschy photo albums meant to store the visual reminder of your memories. But the choice isn’t between the kissing toddlers on the book or roses on the container but do the boxes and albums have the proper materials to archive your pictures.

There are a few things that you need to ensure for proper photographic print storage. The photos need to be kept dry and cool – both moisture and heat can destroy your prints. The photographs should not be kept in a garage, attic or basement. These environments tend to be humid and have fluctuations in temperature that might damage your prints. Lastly, any archival photo storage supplies need to be acid-free to keep your photos safe and protected for years to come.

Our archival boxes for photographs are museum quality construction and acid-free. They come in a wide selection of sizes to accommodate your pictures. These boxes are an ideal solution for storing your pictures. So instead of asking are roses or daisy the best photo box, you should ask are these photo boxes acid free.Archival Photo Album Frame Destination

We also offer a variety of photo print sleeves. It is essential for secure safekeeping of your prints and photographs that whether in an archival box or photo album that they be enclosed in acid free print sleeves. This type of archival print storage will keep your pictures away from dangerous elements like water and humidity. Our photo boxes and archival print storage are museum quality and acid free. Whether you need to store photographs or display them, they will remain protected.

Frame Destination has a wide selection of ready made and custom wholesale picture frames, framing supplies like matting, moulding and glazing. We have everything that you need for your framing, archival and cleaning needs. Find out more about our print storage solutions.

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