Using Photo Display Kits to Create Banners

Written by Mark Rogers

Sometimes a product’s great design leads to applications beyond its intended use. For example, Frame Destination's Photo Display Kits provide photographers and artists a simple, affordable, and quick way to create a great display—one that provides protection while drawing viewers’ eyes to the artwork.

Practical Artistry

Larry Berman, a professional photographer based in Pennsylvania, has decades of experience displaying artwork. He sells artwork through juried shows across the U.S. In addition to creating art, Berman now offers services assisting artists with digital jury requirements, taking slides or digital files and providing high quality color-corrected images in various file sizes and resolutions.

A Great Notion for a Great Product

Berman’s creativity led him to see the possibilities that Frame Destination’s Photo Display Kits presented. He devised a way to create outstanding banner displays for art exhibits and juried shows that are easy to assemble and cost less money. Many artists turn to professional photography labs for banners printed on vinyl, but processing such banners may take up to a week—and it is not cheap. Sometimes a schedule cannot accommodate waiting an entire week for a print. Additionally, vinyl prints, while durable, are sometimes beyond the means of some artists, especially those with a large body of work.

Berman wrote an article, Inexpensive Banners for Your Booth, to share his ingenious use of our photo display kits to create art show displays and banners. First, artists must recognize the importance of properly resizing and color-calibrating prints so that their beauty shines through. Berman’s article provides plenty of particulars on properly saving, converting, and printing images.

However, Berman also acknowledges important considerations such as finances and practicality. The two components he relies upon to keep costs down are:

  • Obtaining large (20” x 30”) prints through photo counters at discount stores such as Costco
  • Using Photo Display Kits for both protecting and displaying prints

Berman found that when dealing with larger images, the kits (which include a large archival quality resealable bag, foam backing board, and mounting strips) save time and money while still providing quality presentation.

Photo Display Kits from Frame Destination

Frame Destination’s Photo Display Kits come in various sizes: from 8” x 10” up to 20” x 30”. All kits include:

  • Archival quality Crystal Clear Bag™, which features a resealable flap
  • 3/16" foamcore backing board
  • Adhesive hangers
  • Adhesive Velcro® tabs to secure and easily remove images on walls or on fabric-covered display panels

Another great thing about using photo display kits is that the bags provide great protection for paintings and photographs while they are on display, as well as during transport and storage.

Display Strategies

Something many artists struggle with on a continual basis is properly displaying their works. Not only is finding the right scale and resolution important, there is also the challenge of dealing with an ever-changing variety of display surfaces that appear in different venues, some more ideal than others. Certain situations also require a means for protecting artwork while on display.

By using the Photo Display Kit system, hanging pieces for display is easier due to the inclusion of both Velcro and picture hanging hooks. Beyond that, after hanging items, the display may not “work,” meaning additional shuffling and rearranging. With Photo Display Kits, everything is included. This makes creating optimal displays and banners simple and affordable.

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