The Easiest Way to Find the Perfect Frame

Written by Mark Rogers

When I tell you that Frame Destination gives you thousands of options for designing just the right hand-crafted picture frame for your art, your first response might be panic: “How will I find exactly what I need with so little time to prepare for my next show?” Or as your family CEO, you might wonder how on earth you’ll find a frame to match others in your child’s school photo gallery wall? Or find the perfect frame for the odd-sized concert poster your brother gave you?

Fear not, it’s easier AND FASTER than you think! In this video I’ll show you exactly how our new Find-A-Frame™ ordering option helps you narrow down your choices quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

In this video, you’ll learn how to:

Narrow your options.

At Frame Destination, you can order frames in one of two ways. Custom frames are available through Build-A-Frame™, which is great for do-it-yourselfers who are savvy with picture frame components and know exactly what they want.

This video focuses on Find-A-Frame™, where you can select standard-size picture frames — all made with quality components here in the U.S.A. You can get to this section by clicking the “Find It” button on the Home Page. Or go to the Picture Frames drop-down menu and click on “View All Picture Frames.”

Filter your way to success.

Once you’re viewing all your options, the trick is to start narrowing. Let’s say your picture is 11" x 14". On the left column of the page, select 11 x 14 for the Image Size. Next, let’s say you’d like a black picture frame, so you click accordingly under Frame Color. Now you’re only looking at black 11" x 14" frames.

Once you spy a frame you like or to find out more about one of the frames, simply click on that frame to see exact dimensions, details on the mat board and foam board, and photos of the moulding and hanging kit.

Take it all the way.

Let’s say this 11" x 14" black frame is close, but not exactly what you need. Simply click the Customize This Frame button, which transports you to our Build-A-Frame™ section. Don’t worry, you’re not starting from scratch! All the specifications you previously selected are pre-loaded. From here it’s just a matter of making some simple tweaks. For example, maybe instead of a bright white mat, you want a cream-colored mat. And let’s say you prefer silver over a black frame. Once everything is just right, click Add to Cart and boom, you’re done.

Gain complete control over your design.

While we’re in Build-A-Frame™, you’ll see what else we can change about our original frame. Which due to the fact we custom build and hand-construct every frame to order, it’s basically everything.

You can…

  • Change the type of mat
  • Change the color of the mat
  • Customize the mat borders
  • Revise the image size by selecting Customize This Frame
  • Choose among non-glare and UV options for glass and acrylic
  • Choose acid-free, regular, self-adhesive backing
  • Completely change the whole frame and start over
  • Explore Advanced Options for adding things like spacers, blank mats, etc.

It’s our mission to guide you in any way we can — from helping you select a ready-made frame to customizing a one-of-a-kind frame. Check out our How To Resources to see more videos, along with tips and infographics, for learning more about the art of picture framing.

If you ever have specific questions, feel free to reach out by phone (972-479-1188), email, or chat. Hearing from you would make our day.

Until then, remember that at Frame Destination, your art’s in the right place!

Last Updated November 2, 2020

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